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Child modelling?

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Bexstar5 Mon 02-Nov-09 09:52:59

Has anyone heard of Childsplay and/or got any feedback? They want my 21m to go for test shots. Am apprehensive cos they want £25 for shots and then could be up to £170 to go on books. Most people say that reputable agencies do not ask for money to sign up and then take a % of any fees if taken on. Although all the agencies I have searched appear to charge! Help...!

Housemum Mon 02-Nov-09 13:24:46

Have a nose on this site Alba Model Info for names of reputable agencies.

Agencies do typically charge a fee to see you, to discourage time-wasters. DDs are with Bruce & Brown, they charge £35 admin a year (off the child's earnings) then for over 3-year-olds they offer an annual photo shoot for about £120 but you get a CD of the pictures for personal printing. I think Urban Angels and a few others charge a similar amount. Some charge £150 or so a year, I think Elisabeth Smith, Norrie Carr and possibly Scallywags do. There used to be a pretty active thread on here about child modelling, I used to post on it regularly, but a lot of MNers at one time were rather scathing about the whole business (coupled with a trolling incident/dodgy person who was barred from MN) so many of the posters left to join a closed chat forum instead. Shame really. There are still conversations from time to time - you could try a search for "child modelling" in the last month or so and see what comes up.

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