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our DS being sick - carseat & buggy

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AbiBub Sun 01-Nov-09 17:21:41

Hi peeps

I have a bit of an issue at the minute and I cant quite explain, so would really appreciate some input

Our DS, can have been fed (mainly milk at the minute) I could have let it settle, and he is fine, literally, the moment that I put him in his car seat or his buggy, about a minute later he is sick

This has only just started ahppening since we have been able to turn his carseat and buggy into the forward facing position, but it's not even like it after we start moving, its just when he is sitting there!

I am not quite sure why this happens, could it be how upright he is, or perhaps that he doesn't like the belt?? I am literally clueless!!

Please help, as I am getting more and more put off with taking him out for a jaunt now, as I feel it makes me look like a bad mummi.

Thanks in advance.x

LittleMissNorticiaAdams Sun 01-Nov-09 17:27:18

I have a puker and have had a similar thing for all the of 9 months I've had him. I dress him in his clothes, put on a full bib (with arms) and tuck in a muslin - or two - around his legs....when we get there I can strip all that off and his clothes are still clean .....well for a little while anyway hmm I also take at least two clean outfits with me....tiresome but necessary!

Why would it make you seem like a bad mummy? Its just one of those things....

CarGirl Sun 01-Nov-09 17:28:40

Perhaps it's trapped wind in his stomach and it's the more upright position causing it to happen?

AbiBub Sun 01-Nov-09 22:34:48

Hi there

Thanks for your replies. He is quite a sicky baby, but he had been getting better. It is frustrating because it is just when I first put him in the car seat and buggy.

Because he was quite a windy baby, I am quite concious of making sure all his wind is up, but there can always be a little bit that is generated from him wriggling, whilst I am getting him ready to go (he is very wriggly!)

I might try adjusting his seats tomorrow, to see if that may make a differce? Thanks for the advice:D

If anyone else has any advice, please do comment as any idea's is really appreciated :D


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