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Do you think it's too late to complain?

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BertieBotts Thu 29-Oct-09 19:00:33

I ordered some shopping from Tesco online which arrived on Monday. It included a bag of Braeburn apples (described as "crunchy" by the packaging) which were on special offer. I went to cut one up for DS on Wednesday and it had a huge bruise on it. I was annoyed and made a mental note to remind DP to be gentle with fruit when he did the shopping. It was only later that I remembered they had come in the Tesco order so they must have either been bruised in the shop or by the delivery driver.

Anyway DS wasn't too bothered with the apple so I left it for a bit and then absent mindedly nibbled a piece a bit later, it was really floury and horrible. (Not rubbery like left out apple usually goes). I cut one up today for him and that was really floury and tasteless too.

I have just eaten another one and it wasn't as bad but still past it's best, looking in the bag over half of them have got huge bruises on as well. The best before date is Nov 1st. So I am a bit annoyed and wish I'd looked more closely on Wednesday - do you think it's too late to complain now or would you not bother? The bag only cost £1 something.

Devendra Mon 02-Nov-09 15:58:34

I would and have complained about stuff being close to its sell by/ use by date. We got an apology and a £10 off voucher. Do it.

crankytwanky Tue 03-Nov-09 13:42:05

If you can be bothered, yes, complain. As Devendra says, companies sometimes throw vouchers at you in order to keep your custom.

(FWIW I never buy fruit & veg online for this reason. Or from supermarkets for that matter. There are so many yummy apples about atm, yet they sell you tasteless plop.angry )


JTGPsmummy Fri 06-Nov-09 22:27:22

Yes complain. Tescos are fantastic. I bought 2 cups for £5 for DS once and when I checked the receipt when I got home the discount wasn't taken off. I went back (after DH said don't bother) and they refunded me DOUBLE the amount as that is their policy! Bloody good customer service to do that.

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