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Is this manner acceptable?

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ShockingMum Tue 27-Oct-09 08:12:00

Hi all

First time here and would like to ask for your opinions, please.

I have just started to do the voluntary work in the school where my child is.

First day, I met my child’s previous teacher. She was very nice. She asked me how I was. We talked very nicely to each other. The second time, I met her. I waved at her and smiled. We talked very nicely again. She asked me how my voluntary work was going. I told her that I absolutely loved it.

Then came the shocking time!!!! I saw her again for the third time as she had to stop and let all the 5-6 years old kids walk out of the classroom first. I was at the door so she was only an arm away from me. As I was my usual self, I waved at her and gave her a big smile. Only this time she didn’t smile back!. And then for some reasons the last two kids got distracted and didn’t keep up with their friends.

Suddenly, She barked like mad! She shouted and yelled very loud at the 2 poor little kids but right into my face!. I couldn’t even remember all her words! I was so shocked! I remembered that I stared at her until she finished yelling. I was stunned by her ill mannered. I wasn’t expecting any of that at all. And she didn’t look at me at all. After biting the 2 poor little kids’ heads off, she smiled at the other assistant in the classroom and told her “sorry, I am in a hurry!” Oh! COME ON! The delay wasn’t even 10 seconds! Then she walked off. I was angry that I didn’t stand up for those 2 kids under my care! But I was so shocked! I just couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! One day she is nice, next day she is a witch!

What do you think I should do? Should I report to the headteacher? Should I make a remark next time I see her? If so, what if she becomes my child's teacher again one day. I know that no headteacher will side a volunteer over a permanent teacher. Shall I just zip it? It's not fair, is it?

another question here, Is it normal that teacher's classroom assistant being ordered around, not asking to do things nicely? I honestly like this teacher but it starts to get to me too.

sagan Tue 27-Oct-09 08:14:46


gorionine Tue 27-Oct-09 08:18:36

As it was just one incident and she might have had a very hard day I would just zip it myself. My opinion on her personnally would somhow change a bit though and I would not go out of my way to be friendly with her. Common curtesy but nothing more.

ShockingMum Tue 27-Oct-09 13:33:55

thanks gorionine and sagan.

I would definitely not give her a second chance!

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