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About this poo in the loo?

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Dumbledoresgirl Sat 24-Oct-09 14:56:23

Ds1 (believe it or not, aged 13, in Year 9 at school) swallowed a magnetix ball the other day and pooed it out on Thursday night.

I didn't know this btw - the truth was extracted from him on the rack this morning! - and have been battling with getting the small poo it is lodged in to flush down the loo, never understanding why it wouldn't go until I suddenly realised last night it must have something heavy in it.

Anyway, the poo is beginning to disintegrate but plainly the magnetix ball will never flush away and anyway ds2 wants it back shock.

So what would you do? Don a glove and fish out poo and ball and clean latter up (yuck, how?) or make ds1 do it (don't see him agreeing) or wait for poo to fully disintegrate and flush away leaving ball behind?

MummyDoIt Sat 24-Oct-09 14:58:13

Well, you get a prize for the weirdest question I've been asked in a long time LOL! Can you poke at it with a stick to release the ball, flush the poo away then fish out the ball? At least you can throw the stick away (and I'd wear gloves too!).

purpleturtle Sat 24-Oct-09 14:58:15

Well my dh fished the ball out of the loo before flushing iirc when it happened here. (Although dd was only 5).

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 24-Oct-09 15:03:04

Oh yes, the stick idea might be an approach... thanks for that idea, off to poke now.

I originally wrote a much longer post about this as it has been an odd couple of days, but my wireless connnection crashed just as I came to post it and it disappeared.

You see ds2 originally admitted being the owner of the poo, but once the magnetix ball became evident, point blank denied he had swallowed a ball. Blame then passed to poor ds3 because he is the youngest. In the end, all 4 children were given the third degree this morning and ds1 admitted the truth.

You would think my children were passed this sort of thing wouldn't you? although ds1 has always been a fiddler and a sucker of non-food stuffs. hmm

pipWereRabbit Sat 24-Oct-09 15:05:07

Definitely get DS to retrieve the ball.

warthog Sat 24-Oct-09 15:05:34

i'd wait for disintegration, then sterilize it for 3 years.

PumpkinsCantDanceTheTango Sat 24-Oct-09 15:09:00

was it definetly only one? theres something dangerous about swallowing magnets (am thinking the mag bit in the ball type indicates its magnetic?) to do with them trying to pull together and pulling internal organs <shudder> anyway I'm sure someone else will know what I mean.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 24-Oct-09 15:19:06

OK, well the ball is out! Thanks for the suggestion of poking with a stick MummyDoIt, I don't know why but that obvious approach had not occurred to me. I poked with a stick and flushed a couple of times until there was a clean (ish) ball in the loo - that was the easy bit. Reaching in to the loo with a gloved hand was not so easy - I kept dancing around saying urgh! quite a bit. Ds2 watched and said I wasn't a hero for doing it as I had made too much fuss but I didn't hear him offering to do it for me!

Ball is now sitting in a jam jar with 50/50 water and bleach.

The loo has a stain on it sad

I don't think my hands will ever feel clean again despite wearing gloves and washing them in antibac stuff.

Pumpkins - shock shock I have to admit I was horrified when ds1 admitted he had swallowed one ball. Ds2 still can't work out how he managed to! And to not tell me! He has a stronger nerve than I have. But I think even he would not be stupid enough to swallow 2. I will grill him again when he comes home later.

Dumbledoresgirl Sat 24-Oct-09 15:20:14

Oh but thinking about it, no I don't think the balls themselves are magnetic. It is the small sticks that go with the balls that contain the magnets, isn't it?

MummyDoIt Sat 24-Oct-09 15:37:17

Well done you! Glad the suggestion worked, though I don't envy you fishing around in there. You deserve a large gin/glass of wine/bar of chocolate or other treat. Paid for out of DS's pocket money, preferably.

purpleturtle Sat 24-Oct-09 15:45:38

The balls aren't magnetic, and are, apparently, optimum shape for passing through without causing damage.

Swallowing a couple of magnets would be an entirely different situation.

Our ball is back in the general box, but it is a slightly different colour to all the rest - more bronze than silver.


Dumbledoresgirl Sat 24-Oct-09 16:43:29

Our ball is blackish hmm but some of them did go that colour some time ago so it is impossible to know whether the ball ds1 swallowed was silver or already black. I doubt he would remember.

ZacharyQuack Sun 25-Oct-09 08:13:49

I would have suggested fashioning a fishing line with a magnet on the end. And then trashing the magnet.

Dumbledoresgirl Sun 25-Oct-09 12:14:57

May still trash the ball Zachary! It is sitting in a jar of water and bleach and the liquid has gone all cloudy hmm

Not sure how long to leave it in there. If you come back to this purpleturtle, could you advise what you did with your ball before deeming it safe to return to the toy box?

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