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about ds3's demands............he 2 1/4yrs old if that makes any difference.

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alwayslookingforanswers Sat 03-Oct-09 20:56:57

He's had a cough for a couple of days, thought today it was croup as the "barking" was being produced every time he coughed. He was also off his food/drink all morning and half the afternoon.

Then he fell asleep on the sofa (after some Calpol) and had about 2 1/2hrs sleep.

He woke up and was much much better. Running round playing, still coughing a bit, but not as much and not as "barking" and he also ate all his dinner with great gusto.

As he'd had a sleep this afternoon I kept him up until 8.30 (usually bedtime 8pm).

He's still awake up there - and out of bed (now I know I should be very happy wtih my lot - but he always just goes to bed and lies there even if he doesn't sleep).

He "wants a huggy" (ie wants me to climb in bed with him like I did 2 nights ago....something we've avoided doing with all 3 of them), then he wants TV (well Cbeebies to be precise).

He's not howling, he keeps crying a bit at the gate and then shouting a demand downstairs then going quiet.

DS2 shares a room with him and wentt obed at the same time (but won't be able to sleep with that racket).

So what do Ido???

Do I

a) go up , give him (another) hug ad put him back into bed (again)

b) ignore him (this is the usual protocol - as he's not really upset and does sound like he's getting quite tired)

c) bring him down and try taking him up again a bit later (and risk a repeat of now?)

Answers on a postcard in the next 5-10 minutes while I have a coffee and consider the options myself.

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 03-Oct-09 21:19:56

ok thanks for you help wink

I took option

d) - took up some calpol and juice, gave him both (he was very pleased wit himself for getting the calpol) and a cuddle and he lay down fine.

All was quiet for 10 minutes and now he "wants a huggy" again. With intermittent (sleepy) crying

Part of me says - oh FGS woman get up there and give him a hug to fall asleep, he's under the weather.

The other part says - the reason he wants a huggy to go to sleep now is because I lay in his bed the other night with him and gave him a huggy to go to sleep this afternoon - and he's going to get to expect it.

With DH coming home on Moday the last thing we're going to need is DS3's bedtime routine f*cked up.

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