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I've accidentally become the local knitting tutor!

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prettyFlower Fri 02-Oct-09 12:31:13

i've namechanged in case any of the other mums are on here!

There are a couple of girls who live near, lets call them C and M. M was looking sad one day (at this point i was on 'hi, how are you' terms), I asked why and she said because she didn't get onto the knitting class they were holding at school.

I offered to teach her as long as her mum was happy and told her to pop over with her mum the next day when they got back from school and we'd do our first lesson. but only if her mum was happy. (i hadn't met mum at this point). C then said that she'd like to learn as well. No problem, and i told her to do the same thing as M

C, M, C's mum and C's mum's DP turned up the next day. C's mum explained she was happy and passed on message that M's mum was ok with it too

So, (sorry this is so rambly!) our first lesson went well. They both did v well and i had to throw them out because it was way past dinner time! (they stayed for 3hrs!)

We then arranged to meet the same time the following week

C and M arrive for 2nd lesson (yesterday) and we get started. A couple of minutes later, the doorbell rings, its two more girls (B and Ch), can they join. I said not really because i need to check with their mums. they were disappointed and asked if they could chat with C and M quickly. Well, they came in and ended up staying for the lesson blush Meanwhile, two other girls arrived (H and Ce). I didn't even bother trying to turn them away, so they joined in too. I threw all 6 of them out after 3hrs.

Right, my predicament is as follows: i obviously need to meet all of the mums (including M's). My plan is to pop round to all their houses this afternoon. I'm happy to teach the girls but a) they're all using my needles and yarn at the moment. Needles not a problem but i'm a bit reluctant for them to be using all of my yarn up. b) would i be wrong to ask for payment? i'm essentially going to be having their DDs for 2hours a week. What would be a reasonable amount do you think?

i appreciate this is dodgy territory. These girls (C and M excluded) either have v trusting mums or they just don't care where their DDs are. I've seen all of them regularly playing on the grass opposite my house and none of the mums have sight of them there from their own houses.

DH is cross with me. Says i shouldn't have let any of them in but that's happened now so i need advice on how to move forward with it. its horrible that in our current times, that i'm worrying about teaching the girls knitting.

i think i've given all the info but apologies if i've missed anything. really trying not to do this by stealth!

prettyFlower Fri 02-Oct-09 12:31:46

good grief! sorry! that was alot longer than i was planning!

forgot to say..all of the girls range in age from 9 to 11

prettyFlower Fri 02-Oct-09 12:34:40

oh and i know i'm meant to be crb checked and all that. Would/could it count as babysitting?

bamboobutton Fri 02-Oct-09 12:39:16

i would ask the mums to provide the wool they need.

i'm not sure about the crb stuff. if the mums are happy why is it any different to having kids around to play?

BornToFolk Fri 02-Oct-09 12:41:34

I guess if you asked for money then it would make it different from just having kids in to play. And it's at your house so different from babysitting.

I'd ask for the mums to supply things they need. It might also put some of them off if they need fork out to buy needles and yarn.

ZacharyQuack Fri 02-Oct-09 12:41:58

Well at the very least they should pay for your time and for the materials. Either you provide needles and yarn for each of them to keep and they pay you for them, or you tell them what to buy.

I'm not in UK so don't know anything about CRB checks.

Do you want to run a regular knitting class? If you don't, the lack of CRB check might be a good excuse to stop.

I'm amazed at the number of young girls who want to knit!

bunjies Fri 02-Oct-09 12:47:02

I don't think you can ask for payment but I definitely think they should be providing their own materials. What is the school providing?

Sadly I would be wary of doing this though as it does seem you are being taken advantage of. I think you need to stick to the 2 girls you originally agreed this with and leave it at that.

BTW - are any of your own children present at the same time?

prettyFlower Fri 02-Oct-09 13:10:51

bamboo that's how i see it re having them round to play but DH reckons i'm on dodgy ground

bunjies, you've worded what i was thinking! i do feel like i'm being taken advantage of. I really don't mind teaching them, but i don't want to do it for completely nothing. i guess some gratitude from the mums would be nice or perhaps i'm asking too much! C's mum is lovely so that's fine but M's hasn't even bothered coming round herself. I asked M what her mum was doing..apparently she was tired and taking a nap hmm I know, i need to take my judgey pants off!

yes, my DS is there too but he's only 1yr old so not quite old enough to be taking part just yet, although he's happy to unwind the balls for us! It was his fault the girls even started talking to me in the first place. He was giving them his best smiles when we were out for a walk a couple of weeks ago!

i'm not sure what the school's providing. Actually, I'll bet the school is charging extra for the after-school club...

zachary, yes, i do want to do it. i think its such a shame that so many DC miss out on learning crafty stuff because their mums/dads either don't have the time or skills to do it themselves

borntofolk hmm, you're right, babysitting's done in their homes. I guess i need to investigate what i'd need to do to be a private tutor

M has shown an interest in sewing too (she saw my machine). Well, she acually asked if i could mend her skirt for her. i said no, but that i'd teach her to repair it herself and she was thrilled!

Oh and its C's birthday today...she asked how long it would take to make a dress and could she learn how to make one for her party on saturday!

Right, I'm definitely going to ask them to provide needles and yarn. I know i'm a big softy but if their mums refuse, what do i do? doesn't seem fair that the girls miss out and they're all really lovely. I feel like i'm giving them a chance to be little girls as opposed to the teenagers they're striving to be. One of the girls can't read (she's 10) and apparently her mum calls her 'stupid'. This made me feel so sad. She's picked up knitting so quickly. She's got a real natural flair for it. She's even been helping some of the others!

bamboobutton Fri 02-Oct-09 16:03:16

if the mums can't or won't provide materials could you buy cheap acrylic wool from an internet shop?

i learnt to knit as a child and i'm still knitting today so it's great that these children want to learn.

if the mums know where they are and are happy for them to be there i really can't see a problem. all this crb stuff seems such a nonsense to me but maybe investigating what private tutoring involves would be a good idea.

NorkilyChallenged Fri 02-Oct-09 16:07:44

If you could find out what the deal was with the school knitting club that might give you some ideas (re materials and charging).

Does it need to be 2 hours a week? And could you meet outside your home (realise now that you have a 1yr old so maybe not, but was thinking of a cafe or STarbucks type place, after school, to make it less of a burden on you and to make it less like "tutoring")? Not sure that makes sense anyway.

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