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food prep hygiene at school- wwyd?

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disgustedofsw Wed 30-Sep-09 15:46:57

a couple of well trusted mums told me this morning about some unspeakable horrors taht have been going on in school kitchen (primary). they have obv known about the probs for a while and they are quite serious. i know for sure they are reliable sources of info and they were just warning me not to let the dc have school dinners for a while. anyway having this info i felt i had to go to the environmental health pple. how could i have this knowlede and not try to stop it? have been mulling it over all day. obv i dont want the school knowing it was me who has reported them so earlier on made an anomymous phone call to them and told them what i know. they said it would be a low priority and would be dealt with as and when because i didnt want to give my name. FFS! i am really annoyed now that they havent taken it more seriously. cant believe the health of 400 primary aged kids is of so little importance to them. do you think i did the right thing? am worried i should have gone about things differently tbh. am hoping they do an 'on the spot check' iykwim. this is why i didnt go to the headteacher as i didnt want them getting prior warning. plus i find them v difficlut to talk to esp with any kind of complaint. what would you have done?

thisisyesterday Wed 30-Sep-09 15:51:00

i would have given my name i guess.

what exactly are the concerns?

i think they want a name to show that you are for real and noit just trouble making i suppose

disgustedofsw Wed 30-Sep-09 15:54:51

oh arse. i suppose i should have done. just didnt want the school to know it was me. concerns are scooping up dropped food and put it back in for the kids meals (witnessed by someone who got into a row about it and left over it) and also insects in food that were picked out rather than the whole lot thrown away. eugggggghhhh.

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