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Worred: 2-yr old rejecting solids

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felidom Mon 28-Sep-09 05:23:16


My son who has turned 2 in Aug, have suddenly started rejecting solids - he's resorting to drinking milk + a very selected list of food (avocado, white rice, cookies & pork floss).

He's been a very easy feeder since young & is game to try anything. Now, he's rejecting his food. we've tried new recipes, making food look more attractive etc, but it's not working. he'd either refuse trying or will throw up after trying.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Tambajam Mon 28-Sep-09 07:12:50

I can't imagine what pork floss is!

Can you bake different cookies that contain fruit?

How much milk is he having? Is it possible he's not so hungry as he's taking in a lot.

I think it's not unusual for a 2 yr old to go through phases of being a fussy eater but I would probably have a word with your doctor because of the throwing up.

Tee2072 Mon 28-Sep-09 07:47:50

I agree with Tambajam. I would be more worried about the throwing up than the lack of eating. All kids go through stages where they don't eat.

MrsBadger Mon 28-Sep-09 08:50:38

did it start with a tummy bug or something else that made him throw up, and the memory of that is making him stick to bland food?

it does sound like one for the GP I must say

(I had to look up pork floss too)

Bucharest Mon 28-Sep-09 08:53:47

After checking with the doctor that the throwing up isn't indicative of some nasty bug, I'd just try and relax about it...
Dd, unfortunately, at about 18mths realised she had a choice in whether to put food in or not, and in all honesty has put very little in since! (she's 6 on Friday!) eats like a sparrow, I just try and make sure that she snacks on healthy stuff, and keep offering her stuff.....
I stressed myself out for months, until somebody wise told me children that age will not starve themselves to death- we can't control how much they eat, we can control what they

felidom Mon 28-Sep-09 23:38:36

Thks heaps for all your advice.

Have checked w PD & was told that Dominic is fine. He suffers from reflux since he was a baby, so I think he's used to vomitting hmm

This time round, I suspect some of the throwing up is self-induced, while at other times - he's visibly gagging.

We've tried to keep to his favourite food (well, those he used to like). When that didn't work, we tried new food-presentation & some new recipes. All not working. He sometimes goes w/out lunch/dinner. And, at times, he takes about 3 strands of pasta. it's exasperating.

Tambajam: he takes about 660ml of milk a day. And, food schedule as follows:

His food/milk schedule as follows:
* 7am: milk (240ml) + toast/cereal
* 12am: lunch (rice/noodle/pasta..)+ fruit
* 2pm: milk (180ml)
* 4pm: light snack (baby yoghurt/fruits)
* 6pm: dinner (rice/noodle/pasta..)+ fruit
* 8pm: milk

Am I feeding him too much?

Bucharest: Thanks for the reminder about "kids not starving themselves". I feel a sense of dejavu, cos have experienced that with my daughter, as she was a fussy eater.

By the way, pork floss is essentially dried, toasted thin strips of pork. I'm Asian, living in Singapore & pork floss is a yummy treat for adults & kids. If you ever visit Singpaore, do let me konw - I'd tell you where to buy this from


Tambajam Tue 29-Sep-09 07:21:47

12oz of milk (340ml) would be more standard at his age. Usually a bottle at wake-up or near to bedtime.
So I think it's possible the volume of milk he is taking in is a factor here.

felidom Tue 29-Sep-09 10:20:10

oh my .. am i that over?

I used to give 2 feeds: 240ml per feed. Have included the afternoon milk to compensate for his lack of food intake.

Will look into this. Thanks!

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