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Quick responses needed please - dream feed

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poorbuthappy Sat 19-Sep-09 22:10:34

Just started getting our dts off the night feeds...

dt2 decided she wasn't going to drink her bottle before bed, so she hasn't had anything since tea.

Just getting ready to go to bed, so do I get her and give her milk?
Am worried that when she wakes later (or in the next 5 mins...who knows?) that she will really be hungry and not feeding her will be downright cruel...

ladies...don't let me down!

waitingforfanjo Sun 20-Sep-09 14:31:12

Sorry you didn't get any quick responses! Did you mean she is aged two or is daughter number two?

I'm assuming she's a baby, in which case I'd say try her with a bottle before you go to bed, but try to keep her sleepy & quiet whilst doing so. This is how I discovered at about 4 months my DS would quite happily drink a whole bottle whilst practically asleep!

He'd often fall asleep in his baby chair, then when I was ready for bed I'd just quietly lift him onto my lap , lights down low & he'd disturb just enough to take the bottle, drink the whole thing with his eyes closed & just doze back off. Then I could just put him in his cot with a nice full tummy & he'd sleep pretty much all night.

Good luck!

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