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Post op recovery - worried about return to work

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 12-Sep-09 23:03:07

I was booked in to have a lump removed from my groin a few months ago. It was scheduled as day surgery but the date the op was arranged the hosp rang and said they had to cancel as two emergencies came in and it eventually took place a week last wed.

The surgeon came to see me as I was being put under a general and examined me. She said the lump had grown significantly and she now suspected a hernia. She said the scar would depend on what they found. I ended up with a 5 imch scar above my section scars and lots of bruising. They removed a subcutaneous nodule and sent it off for histology (no results yet)
I was let home late in the evening at 11pm as I wanted to go in my own bed and rest. I have been off work ever since and went to the docs to get signed back to return mon. The hosp had signed me off for one week and the doc asked me if i was ok to return mon and i said yes.

thing is i am still very sore and not 'back to normal'

but i know that my desk will be piling up and am worried that after all it was only day surgery i would be thought of badly.Its not helped by another collegue who is working through breast cancer sad which makes me feel more guilty. Its really busy at work and i know they are missing me. My dh and dad have had a go at me today as they said its too soon and i dont know what to do now.

what would you do?

bidibidi Sun 13-Sep-09 13:14:54

Even with "day surgery" you can have complications. You can't let your colleague's illness determine what's best for you; you go back too soon and you'll just get worse complications. What about if you have 2 more days off, and see how it goes on Weds?

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Mon 14-Sep-09 19:25:32

Went back today and ended up being driven home in my car by a colleague.Almost keeled over at work blush

I felt dreadful and now ache like mad. Back to the docs tomorrow tail between legs..

lljkk Wed 16-Sep-09 14:57:17

That's dreadful, ChockPnut. What did doc say, have you seen him yet today?

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 17-Sep-09 23:35:28

Got a telling off as site of op was swollen and sore.

Back on bed rest and anti inflam drugs and signed off another week which will prob go down like a lead balloon at work sad

thanks for asking x

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