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if you wanted another baby and your DH didn't

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BrokenBananaTantrum Wed 09-Sep-09 14:48:13

OK here goes. I am really really ready to have another baby. I dream about having another and I have always wanted at least 2 children. My DD is 3.2 years old. I am 35 and I'm aware that my fertility is going to be on the downward spiral.

However, my DH (who is 47) is adamant that he does not want another child. He says that he is too old and he is worried about me as the birth of DD was pretty bad (he nearly lost us both) and I had serious PND for which I'm still on meds but I feel recovered from.

I had always assumed that we would have at least 2 children as we had talked about it and he did not seem to have any objections before we had DD.

What shall I do? My contraceptive implant is about the run out and I'll have to have it removed. Do I conceive "by accident" as this will be be the only way I will be able to have another baby.

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