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Well - WWYD in the situation I am going to describe?

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Saltire Sun 30-Aug-09 12:30:54

We have 2 wheely bins, a green one with a grey lid for household rubbish and a green one with a blue lid for recycling. They get emptied every 2 weeks. Well Friday was recylcing bin day. DH brought what he thought was ours back to the front door. I started to fill it and noticed that we had the bin belonging to 2 doors down, our mad next door neighbour had our bin and 2 doors down had next doors. Now, as far as I was concerned, we should have just kept using them until 2 weeks time when they wil be emptied again, but at some point yesterday when we were out they all got swapped back to their rightful addresses.
However our bin has come back, more than half full (since friday) of next door recylcing. There is about 10 milk cartons, several bags and paper from fish and chips, loads of eltters etc. Now our bin gets really full to teh top by the time the 2 weeks is up, and I think we should take out all next doors recycling and put it into the bin at their house, and thus leave ours empty, but DH says not to. WWYD?

noodlesoup Sun 30-Aug-09 12:33:56

I would fill it up then put the overflow in neighbours bin on binday.

crokky Sun 30-Aug-09 12:34:11

If your neighbour is mad, then don't stoke the fire!! I agree with your DH, although your neighbour's behaviour is strange.

If your bin gets full, just drive a bit of your recycling to the supermarket if yours has a recycling centre or drive it to the tip where you can recycle stuff.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 30-Aug-09 12:34:37

Is it really worth falling out with your neighbours over?

Personally I would not be playing around with the contents of my bins. But I am also one for a quiet life and get along really well with my neighbours (thankfully), even the mad one next door!

Saltire Sun 30-Aug-09 12:35:30

Oh yes neighbour is well mad, there is a history there. I actually think it's been the woman 2 doors down that swapped them over, but anyway, I now have a bin full of my neighbours letters! Should I read themgrin.

Saltire Sun 30-Aug-09 12:35:57

That was a joke BTW about reading them

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