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if a neighbour repeatedly ignored you on facebook?

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lexilex Thu 27-Aug-09 01:06:50

is it even worth having them as a friend on there if they wont reply to a "hi hows you?" message? i mean how rude!

but would that then be awkward when you see them? she does talk to me when out in street. so i dont understand why she dosent on fb.

LadyOfWaffle Thu 27-Aug-09 01:08:51

Maybe she rarely uses it? Does she update status alot or anything?

SOLOisMeredithGrey Thu 27-Aug-09 01:10:15

I often ignore messages on FB. It's too much bother to log in half the time. I wouldn't worry about it, but then I wouldn't ask my neighbours to be my FB friends either hmm

lexilex Thu 27-Aug-09 01:11:08

shes on it all the time.

shes a single mum so is home and on fb all night every night.

lexilex Thu 27-Aug-09 01:12:06

i will add its on chat and not inbox.

madrose Thu 27-Aug-09 01:18:28

probably playing games and doesn't see chat until you're gone?? Then you're offline

sandcastles Thu 27-Aug-09 02:12:16

This is why I have disabed chat on fb! I have enough messages to deal with on the phone/emails etc, without being tied to fb chat!

Maybe she just doesn't want to talk, or is talking to a friend & doesn't want 2 convos going. Maybe she thinks it is pointless as she can pop around & see you whenever as you are neighbours.

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