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EAT Allergy Prevention research & newborn- would you take part?

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CrazyPregnant Thu 20-Aug-09 13:25:31

While at the hospital for 12 week scan yesterday I was approached by someone to ask if I would be interested in taking part in a new study being done by Guy's and St Thomas' hospital (with support from the FSA) to look at how best to prevent allergies in young children.

The study would be split into two groups- first group following current government guidelines of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months with no early introduction of allergenic food.

Group 2 would exclusively breastfeed until 3 months, then introduce baby rice, then yoghurts containing cows mil (2 a week) them in a randomized order- 1 egg per week, wheat, fish, peanut butter, and sesame. The aim being that al food being ingested at required quantities by 5 moths. No wheat will be introduced before 4 months.

I am split- I know how important it is that people participate in research so that progress can be made but I am concerned about my baby being used as a guinea pig! I know that sounds selfish- I would usually exclusively bf until 6 months then use a mixture of BLW and purees to wean after that- I'm not sure I want to HAVE to wean my child at 3 months. The thing is I understand that allergies affect some peoples lives very badly and I am in a position to maybe help change things..... so wwyd?

pruneplus2 Thu 20-Aug-09 17:35:35

Its a potentially interesting sounding study but I fail to see what they are trying to achieve - surely a more indicitive and realistic verdict and result would be to also monitor and categorise the womans diet whilst pregnant also?

I personally would not become involved in this particular study.


CrazyPregnant Thu 20-Aug-09 19:38:36

Thanks Pruneplus2, I am pretty sure I won't be taking part now, I posted this in allergies as well, and have put some more information in if you would be interested to read it. Thankls for the reply.

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