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If your child was attacked (but not bitten) by a dog

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apotomak Thu 06-Aug-09 19:17:07

I took my daughters (I have a 1 yo and a nearly 6 yo)to a park today. 1yo was in a pram while the older one was running in front of me on the way home. There was a woman with 3 dogs (mongrels) talking to her friends. The dogs were playing but when one of the dogs spotted my running daughter it run towards her barking and when it got there it started jumping on her (definitely not in a friendly way). The woman shouted at the dog and it eventually left my daughter. I of course ran to help my daughter get the dog off her. She was in tears but the dog didn't bite her just really frightened her.
The woman took the dogs back quickly to her car but I heard her saying 'good dogs' to her dogs. That really made me angry not only the fact she said it but she did not check if my crying daughter was ok or even did not aplolgise for what happened. I just told her that if she can't control the dogs she should have them on a lead. She said they were under control but my daughter's running teased the dog and that's why she got attacked and her dogs have the same right to be there as my daughter has. Then I was told to 'get a life'.
The dogs had no leads, collars or even muzzles. She just packed them into the boot and drove off. I only mamaged to take her car reg down as I was still dealing with my daughter. I'm really angry I've not said anything else to this woman or done anything. What would you have done?

cocolepew Thu 06-Aug-09 19:18:43

punched her. Phone police/coouncil?dog warden and report her.

cocolepew Thu 06-Aug-09 19:19:13

coouncil? hmm

hercules1 Thu 06-Aug-09 19:43:24

I dont suppose there is anything you can do tbh.

Devendra Fri 07-Aug-09 06:02:06

i would definately report her to the police. Years ago our lovely dog was killed by two dogs in the park who started off by chasing and running around.. it turned very nasty very quickly and was very traumatic. The two dogs had no previous so to speak.. just got caught up in the instinct of it all. Still... the owner was useless and had no control.

alardi Fri 07-Aug-09 11:02:35

Many parks require (local bylaws) dogs to be on leads, even if there are no signs up to that effect, I would ask the Council.

TBH, if it were me and the lady had apologised profusely then I would let it go, but given how self-righteious she sounded...

Yes maybe you could control your DD better, but it's unlikely your DD will turn into a pack of animals with sharp teeth that might impulsively savage her dog(s); your DD is the party more at risk, the dog owner has the responsibility to control her animals TOO.

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