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2 year old drew all over table whilst with babysitter

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colnelcustard Thu 06-Aug-09 09:17:06

I have a lovely 15 year old babysitter who helps me out occasionally. I work in the evening and sometimes when my partner is late she covers the inbetween shift.

She had the kids for me last night and when I got back in I found that the 2 year old has drawn all over the table in green felt-tip. She had gone by this point but had not said anything.

I have tried everything to get it off It won't come off and am going to have to sand the table down and revarnish it which is a complete pain in the arse.

Do you think I should say something. I have taken the pens away but when I asked my son what she was doing whilst the two year old was scribbling on the table he said she was sitting on the sofa watching tv.

Can I just say that I have no other help with the children and am kind of stuck in that respect? What would you do

jenniferturkington Thu 06-Aug-09 09:24:54

Pretty careless of the babysitter to let it happen, but I've let exactly that happen with my own 2 year old (more than once blush). It is easy to think they are getting on with something quietly when in reality they are up to something else- even when they are in earshot/sight. I would just say to the babysitter next time, 'if ds gets the felt-tips out please watch that he keeps it on the paper as he has drawn on the table before now'. She was probably too embarrassed to mention it to you, as she wants to be seen s responsible.

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