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Oh sh*t - looking after a friends cat..

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MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 01-Aug-09 19:41:12

..and its gone missing for 2 days.

The other cat is happily (and violently) killing a mouse in the garden, but no sign of this one. He is young and used to being outside.

Have asked a few neighbours to keep and eye out.

What would you do? When would you tell your friend and potentially ruin her only holiday of the year?

I am really fretting about this one.

bruxeur Sat 01-Aug-09 19:42:01

Buy another cat. Try to make sure it matches the old cat.

dizzydixies Sat 01-Aug-09 19:43:06

have you checked their house? could it have wandered home?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 01-Aug-09 19:44:12

Don't tell friend until she comes back.

MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 01-Aug-09 19:46:23

Bruxeur - there was a black one instead this morning. I thought of tipping bleach on it to disguise it, but perhaps the RSPCA may have a few words about it.

Dizzy, checked house - not there.

Really, Mary, I don't want to trash their holiday so this is something to think about.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sat 01-Aug-09 19:48:24

It will probably be trying to find it's way home. Do you stay far from her?

GentleOtter Sat 01-Aug-09 19:49:11

Cat will have taken a huff because it's owners are away. It will turn up when they do.
They are weird that way, cats.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 01-Aug-09 19:49:59

I would search absolutely everywhere before phoning her.

MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 01-Aug-09 19:51:55

I'm just up the road, and go there twice a day to feed them. GentleOtter - that is what I am hoping.

Any tips otherwise? I am thinking of resorting to buying a thousand mice and releasing them in their garden as a lure!

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sat 01-Aug-09 19:56:57

Oh it's still in it's own house? Agree with GentleOtter.

My neighbour looks after my 2 when we're away and the wee one always disappears for a few days, then won't speak to us when we get back.

It will be fine!

trixymalixy Sat 01-Aug-09 19:57:50

It'll just be hiding. I wouldn't worry them.

MovingOutOfBlighty Sat 01-Aug-09 19:59:52

Thank you Trix (any relation to Slinkymalinky?) and Invisible - you have reassured me.

(I am never looking after cats again!) [cheesed off with moggy emoticon]

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sun 02-Aug-09 08:48:38

Has the cat come home?

MovingOutOfBlighty Tue 04-Aug-09 16:49:51

Thank you for asking FabBGIB!

The little bugger is back but can't seem to find the mouse murderer now. Thank goodness the owners are back tomorrow.

I need a cold compress and a lie down...swoon.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 04-Aug-09 17:24:10

Thank goodness she is home.

Hope all are..

deaddei Thu 06-Aug-09 21:14:55

When I looked after brother's cat years ago, it was involved in an accident and had to have a leg amputated.
That was hard to explain when he returned.
My dad asked the vet how much it would cost to put her down versus the cost of amputation- luckily we persuaded him to shell out the extra few quid.

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