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Have had an idea but I feel a bit sheepish about it

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rubbishweddingphotos Wed 15-Jul-09 20:39:26

We got married quite a few years ago and we had an lovely day but the wedding photos were completely crap.

This makes me sad.
Since then we have had DC so it all seems long ago, and we've ticked that box and we should move on to the next phase, christenings and the like grin

Except recently we've been to some pretty cool weddings and I have been rather, ahem envy of the brides that they have such great photos to look back on.

We're going on holiday in a couple of months with a professional photographer and his girlfriend - who we know quite well - He has taken q good picture of me before as he makes me laugh so it's a natural picture, rather than a cheesy grin/gurn.

I was thinking of asking him to take some "trash the dress" type pictures.
I have gone as far as buying a dress and veil off ebay blush for less than tenner the lot (result!) as I didn't want to actually trash MY dress wink
But I do feel a bit silly about it all.
Should I just grow up and get on with things? or would this be a fun thing to do?!

MyDHhasnomemory Wed 15-Jul-09 20:43:33

When it came to it would you feel self conscious getting dressed up and doing it? Would you be happy having the photo on display and explaining to everyone who asked about why you wanted it done?
If not then just ask him to do some nice shots of you and DH. (presuming he wants to work on his holiday wink}

pollywobbledoodle Wed 15-Jul-09 20:46:44

never seen those before....if it makes you grin, why not?

rubbishweddingphotos Wed 15-Jul-09 20:54:20

MyDHhasnomemory - well that's what i feel sheepish about. It's all a bit hmm isn't it? A bit like a venture picture.
But still.....the envy is there.

blahdiblahblah Wed 15-Jul-09 20:58:37

we got married in a city hall with only 2 friends who were the witnessed. Deeply regret it now... wish wish wish we had made it an event.
I think you should be greatful for the day you had, and have some lovely photos taken of the 2 of you now, as you are!

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