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..if oyu got lipstick on a top in a shop

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VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 13:56:25

i Presume you all hide and run?

Rhubarb Mon 13-Jul-09 13:57:58

Why are you kissing tops?

LynetteScavo Mon 13-Jul-09 13:58:08


VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 13:58:22

I was mortified.
pale blue...

bigchris Mon 13-Jul-09 13:58:25


MamaG Mon 13-Jul-09 13:58:53

I wouldn't run, I'd slink

Rhubarb Mon 13-Jul-09 14:00:35

Well, you go up to the till and say that you'd like to buy it but someone's put lipstick on it, so can you have it at a discount please.

However, pale blue? Really?

wh00ps Mon 13-Jul-09 14:00:42

I'd take it off and put it back!

VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 14:00:52

she met me as i came out.
" can i put those back for you"

wwwyd THEN?

VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 14:02:05

ice blue yes

would link to shop but htey might see me, see this thread then I would have to go into Witness Proctection

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 13-Jul-09 14:06:49

why were you wearing ice blue lipstick

I am worried about you


VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 14:07:34

it was cold.

Fimbo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:07:41

Say nowt and slink off.

Now tell us more about this blue lipstick...

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 13-Jul-09 14:08:15

whatchoo like eh


MamaG Mon 13-Jul-09 14:08:43

I can be quite brazen. I'd just hadn it over and if she commented sayu "oh yes i noticed that too"

I once took a DS game back to Game and the bloke said "I can't accept this back it doesn't have the sitcker on" (it seals box)

me "it didn't come with a sticker"

him " we always put a sticker on"

me "yes I thought you did, but this one didnt have one" [hard look]

I got he refund grin - and it DID come with a sticker, DD had played it and it was crap

MamaG Mon 13-Jul-09 14:09:10

enough of the lipstick/top drama, come discuss teh birkenstock drama

Rhubarb Mon 13-Jul-09 14:09:11

You were trying on a pale blue top whilst wearing ice blue lippy?

I worry about you. Is it your age?

Hassled Mon 13-Jul-09 14:09:28

Are you a Goth? Emo? What colour are your toenails?

Fimbo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:10:46

Aye tis a blue day...

SusieDerkins Mon 13-Jul-09 14:11:15

She's still wearing pale blue eye liner and electric blue mascara....

VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 14:12:10

no it was me old fave mac viva glam VI

Fimbo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:12:15

Ooh Suzie, I used to brush blue mascara into my hair in the 80's.

SusieDerkins Mon 13-Jul-09 14:13:02

Oh god, I'd forgotten those hair colour wand things. Do they still do them??

Rhubarb Mon 13-Jul-09 14:13:05

Ha! And I thought you knew about fashion!

VietnameseCobbler Mon 13-Jul-09 14:15:17

I had a colour wand in copper i think.
no the top was blue my lips were beigy pink

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