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with the fake twenty you had been conned with?

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SammyK Sun 12-Jul-09 18:03:52

Did a car boot sale today, and this b@^ has given me a fake £20 note and I gave her £19 change. Stall was busy and I didn;t notice until she was long gone. sad angry

We did the car boot sale for much needed money, and now I am £19 down! WWYD? Honest answers please.

LilyAllensThirdNipple Sun 12-Jul-09 18:04:18

pass it on fast

HuffwardlyRudge Sun 12-Jul-09 18:05:25

I would try and pass it on.

SlartyBartFast Sun 12-Jul-09 18:08:51

spend it in Tesco

Rachmumoftwo Sun 12-Jul-09 18:19:53

I wouldn't pass it on as I am not brazen enough to lie if caught! I would contact the people running the car boot sale and possibly the police so they they could warn others to be aware of counterfiet notes next time.

I am gutted for you though- people doing car boot sales are usually trying to earn some much needed cash and that woman was taking the pee big time! Grrrr.

4andnotout Sun 12-Jul-09 18:21:42

Pass it on.

suwoo Sun 12-Jul-09 18:25:20

Thats really shit, I would be so pissed off. Its easy to say pass it on, and I agree. But to who? Most shops are extremely vigilant at checking them.

ilovesprouts Sun 12-Jul-09 18:34:28

order a take out and get rid of it

poopscoop Sun 12-Jul-09 18:36:35

pass it on. It is far too much money to be honest about.

shonaspurtle Sun 12-Jul-09 18:36:58

If you pass it on and get caught are you going to look shifty as hell? Because it's a crime to knowingly pass on a forgery so you'd better be a pretty brazen lier.

shonaspurtle Sun 12-Jul-09 18:38:12

Lier? Liar.

nancy75 Sun 12-Jul-09 18:39:21

it is ilegal to knowingly pass on/spend counterfeit notes, most shops train their staff quite well to notice them. only think about spending it if you can face the embaressment of being caught out, and if you dont mind taking the chance that the shop will call the police.

poopscoop Sun 12-Jul-09 18:41:30

Well I am afraid I would have to plead innocence, if I thought it was a fake. Actually I don't check my notes, as I dont have the machine thingy and would only be able to tell if it didnt have the silver line. So prob would be passing it on in all innocence in anycase.

SammyK Sun 12-Jul-09 19:48:28

sorry I posted and ran, DS had an accident and I had to change and bath him hmm

yes £19 is a lot of money for me to lose, I am so angry with myself that I didnt spot it at the time, it just seemed like a tatty note that had been in the washer angry

I am usually the queen of all blaggers but knowing how I feel at receiving this note, I am faltering about passing it on. We have discussed it but for now I have literally shelved it.

SammyK Sun 12-Jul-09 19:50:31

tesco would be vigilant I imagine, take out would have our address so think they would be no gos.

I couldn't pass it on in a small shop as I woud feel bad that a little business or member of staff would be out of pocket as I was.

KEAWYED Sun 12-Jul-09 19:52:54

i HAD ONE ONCE AND I'M [BLUSH] TO SAY i passed it on.

I found a young Saturday girl and kept her talking while I paid.

Felt terrible i'm normally very honest but £20 a lot of money

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 12-Jul-09 19:57:37

I would pass it on to a reasonably big shop. blush

I can't afford just to lose that kind of money.

KEAWYED Sun 12-Jul-09 19:58:52

it was meant to say blush

gigglewitch Sun 12-Jul-09 20:03:33

I'd go shopping in Tescos with it grin

PfftTheMagicDragon Sun 12-Jul-09 20:14:13

You could not guarantee that any shop staff would not notice. In my shop, we could all spot fakes at 10 paces, generally even without checking them they feel different. We were always told that we should hold onto fake notes and pass them on to the police (though I am not sure if this is actually correct as far as the police are concerned) so you could lose it altogether.

You have to take the loss. It is unfair that you are down the money, but it was your error (just facts not being mean) so why should another shopkeeper have to take the loss? They might also be really struggling.

suwoo Sun 12-Jul-09 20:25:45

What about the self service till in Tesco or Morrisons or wherever? The one where you feed the note in. Would that be set up to notice forgeries?

nancy75 Sun 12-Jul-09 20:25:54

for those of you who would happily pay with it, via young sales assistant, lots of places will deduct this from staff wages, so the £20that is alot of money to you is potentially most of that persons wages lost for the day.

celticbohys Sun 12-Jul-09 20:32:20

I would go shopping at tesco and use the machine where you scan the item(s) yourself and pay.

Therefore not needing to hand it to shop staff and feel guilty wink

nancy75 Sun 12-Jul-09 20:39:27

machines wont take fake notes or coins.

KEAWYED Sun 12-Jul-09 21:46:41

Good thinking CB

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