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Would you cancel the party?

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Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:09:24

Tomorrow we are having a massive BBQ party. it's something we do every year. We have 50 adults and 50 children coming. We have a tent, tables, chairs, bouncy castle, face painter, flowers, childcare and caterers all ready to go. The food is being prepared as I type. There is a LOT of food.

DD2 has been ill all week with flu-like symptoms and is still ill today although her temps over the last 24 hours have not been nearly as high as they were earlier in the week. No family is on hand to help and take her for the day.

Do we cancel?

seeker Fri 26-Jun-09 11:15:46

I wouldn't. Can't she lie on the sofa and watch TV and join in the bits of the party she wants to? How old is she?

TrinityRhino Fri 26-Jun-09 11:18:44

I wouldn't at all
she can veg on the couch
you can keep her meds going in to keep her temp down
lots of fluid and ice lollies
she may perk up and join in

how old is she?

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:19:21

Well, I doubt she will sit TBH - she likes a party. The TV won't be on because the party will be going on in the house and outside. I can't really confine her to a room because she just wont' stay put.

I suppose I'm most worried about the possibility of her passing her bug onto others. No-one seems to chuffed to be around the flu at the moment!

claricebeansmum Fri 26-Jun-09 11:19:40

Dose up with calpol.
Her temperature on the way down is a good thing.

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:19:44

She's 3.6

edam Fri 26-Jun-09 11:21:23

Will she feel up to it, or will she be miserable? If she attempts to join it, will it wear her out? Will any of your guests worry about swine flu?

Depending on the answers to these questions, I might cancel. Or not.

TrinityRhino Fri 26-Jun-09 11:23:22

what does she look like to others
I mean is she wailing and red faced, coughing uncontrollably, snotting everywhere, whinging?
or is she just a little tired, pale, not up to much?

tell the guests she has ahd a bad cold and let her join in

cat64 Fri 26-Jun-09 11:27:33

Message withdrawn

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:27:37

She'll join in and then flake out big time.

She looks a little pale but not overly snotty or coughy.

Lot of people know she's been unwell with temps etc - you know how we all talk about our childrens' malaises!

FWIW - DH think is i swine flu but I've spoke to the GP about it and he reckons not as we've not been anywhere where she could have got it - i.e. abroad (not sure if that argument holds tight though).

Got a couple of newborns coming - I should warn them shouldn't I.

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:29:01

cat64 - I was thinking along those lines too. But what if everyone decides not to come!

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 11:29:31

i know this sounds alarmist... but is there any chance she has swine flu?

My kids and I have had fku symptoms at the same time their school was shut for a swine flu outbreak.
It really is going through the country very quickly...

see if you can find out if any schools etc have it locally...

I'd give the guests the option to come tbh.

unless you are worried that she is going to be too ill and upset herself during the party and want to cancel fro that reason.

If i was preg or on steroids etc I'd happily stay home if i knew the party house had an ill child in it just now.

Otherwise- can i come? I'm certainly not infectious/ill now.
I'm the safest bet as a guest grin

seeker Fri 26-Jun-09 11:29:36

If she's 3 and she's been ill all week she's almost certainly going to be absolutely fine by tomorrow!

TrinityRhino Fri 26-Jun-09 11:32:17

I would warn the parents of the newborns but not in an alarmist way

and then go ahead with the party

morningpaper Fri 26-Jun-09 11:33:41

It does sound like flu, which is pretty ghastly

I would be pretty annoyed if I turned up and discovered you hadn't warned me, so I would send an email round and let people know

I would also keep her in her room with DVDs and someone to look after her for the duration of the party (take in turns with your DH?)

BitOfFun Fri 26-Jun-09 11:35:23

I remember having measles for the Queen's Jubilee street party, and I still ran a race < fond memories >

Don't cancel. Take normal precautions and you should be fine.

MmeLindt Fri 26-Jun-09 11:35:48

I would let people know that she has been ill this past week so that they can decide themselves if they want to come.

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 11:36:17

I will warn everyone. I would also be P'd off if no-one warned me.

MP - there is no way she'll stay in her room. I doubt many party animal like 3 and a half year olds would.

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 11:38:28

the more i think about it- i would be pretty upset if you didn't arn me beforehand.

could you imagine the thread on here on monday?
"i went to a BBQ with my lovely best friend, but her little girl was quite clearly ill when we got there- and now my precious children have swine flu! - AIBU to clock her one?"

I was recently on immunosurpressive steroids- and didn't talk to everyone about it- i'd have been floored by swine flu at that point. it would have bene nice to have had the heads up so i could decide what i wanted to do...

hope she's feeling better soon.

morningpaper Fri 26-Jun-09 11:55:35

Of course it is possible to keep her in her room

I do sympathise - I had to keep my 3 year old in her room for her sister's baptism with 70 people in the house because she started vomiting the day before!

basically DH ran the party and I sat with her, and we took turns sitting with her and watching DVDs

morningpaper Fri 26-Jun-09 11:57:09

oh sorry pennies didn't realise you were the OP there

OK - I would warn people and say you are pretty sure it's JUST flu but...! And she will be mingling with the guests

Then they will know as much as you do

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 12:01:32

MP - if she was vomiting and feeling a hideous as one does when they have a sick bug the of course I'd be keeping her in her room. But what is happening here is that I give her calpol and she's right as rain and raring to go and then flakes when they start to wear off a couple of hours later.

When she's dosed up then she's not going to understand why she can't go to the party that's downstairs. I'm not going to keep her off meds just to keep her feeling low so she'll be more amenable to staying in her room.

I do see your point, and I'm impressed that you managed to do what you did but DD's just not wiped out enough by whatever she's got to accept that without one hell of a fight.

Pennies Fri 26-Jun-09 12:03:27

That's Ok MP - your point is still valid and valued regardless of if I'm the OP or not!

morningpaper Fri 26-Jun-09 12:04:07

Yes but I didn't realise you were speaking about the child in question rather than three year olds in general grin

oopsagain Fri 26-Jun-09 12:12:24

y'know it sounds exactly like the swine flu we had hmm


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