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moving options - what would you do?

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ednaturnblatt Sun 21-Jun-09 18:12:06

Am planning to move in a few months.

Will be renting privately - dont want to buy until I know whats happening with housing market (crystal ball anyone?!)

My current options are to live in (very large) town A or (much smaller) town B.

Town A is where I will be working. It is a lovely place, lots of amenities, good schools, but because of that property prices are very high. Looking on Rightmove there are lots of suitable houses in my rental price bracket, but even if the prices dropped a fair bit I couldn't afford to buy any of those houses.

The second option is B. Smaller town, still various amenities, excellent transport links to Town A. Virtually nothing to rent but loads of nice houses in my buying price range. Generally prices are about £40-50k cheaper in B than A for a similar house which is a heck of a difference.

So what puts me off B? An old flame lives there (in fact the man I thought I'd spend my life with, till I found out he was already married). I'm not concerned that the 'spark' would be rekindled (jeez, what a metaphor) but it IS a small town and although we wouldnt be on each others doorstep, I don't want either him (or his DW for that matter) to get the wrong idea. We both have DC starting secondary school next year, there is only one school in B, and sods law they would be in the same class.

So wise mumsnetters, what would you do? Am leaning towards Town A, & staying in rented in the medium term, but dont know if I'm being totally silly?

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