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didn't know where to post but need some advice about medised

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melmog Wed 17-Jun-09 16:29:53

My dd2 (15 months) has got 5 teeth coming through at once, on top of a stinking cold. She was up and down last night and got up for the day at half four. I remember using this for dd1 when she couldn't sleep with bad colds and it gave her (and us)a good nights sleep.
I've been searching though and have found loads of horror stories but didn't know if anyone else has used it. Is this one of the medicines they don't sell anymore or am I mixed up?

clemette Wed 17-Jun-09 16:38:40

It is now licensed for over 6's. I think largely because there were cases of overdose and it being given with paracetomol in the states.
Like you I was familiar with it from first time around (it was for 3month+ when DD was a baby) so my DS (now 17m) has had it on occasion when he has been unable to lie down with a cold. I had to go to the pharmacist without the children though and lie blush

melmog Wed 17-Jun-09 17:00:18

Thank you Clemette. I was thinking that as long as she hadn't had anything else for 4 hours before bed and then a small dose we'd be ok, but wanted someone to tell me that too!

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