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DP looking at a "dating" site

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NotSureImHappyAboutThis Mon 01-Jun-09 17:19:56

Whilst typing in a website address, the dropdown menu thing came up with a 'text to meet' website that clearly DP has been looking at. From a quick look at one of the profiles, it's more of a text to shag site as the lady in question was topless and in a very questionable pose. DP doesn't even have a mobile with which to text anyone on there. I don't think he'd actually cheat on me, it's more likely he was just looking for naughty pictures, something he does a fair bit and I usually don't have a problem with. It's more that he was looking at 'real' people, in our area, who are contactable that I feel uncomfortable about. WWYD?

Clwc Mon 01-Jun-09 18:16:37

I wouldn't worry too much. It's more then likely that the 'real' people in your area aren't actually 'real'. It's a marketing ploy to bring in more custom. Some people may think that they are texting a hottie with whom they have a chance of meeting one day, but it's more likely that an average-looking person is getting paid good money to text gullible people while they watch an episode of Eastenders and do their ironing.

As your DP doesn't have a mobile, there's even less to worry about. He probably came upon the site by accident whilst looking at photos of scantily-clad lovelies.

I'd say, it doesn't matter where he gets his appetite from, as long as he comes home for dinner!

If he starts hiding his computer screen from you, etc, then ask him directly to put your mind at ease.

BCNS Mon 01-Jun-09 18:18:24

I'd say window shopping isn't so bad.. but you could let him know how it make you feel.. only start to worry when he has a profile or texts etc.

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