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some advice re family stuff

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nowwearefour Thu 21-May-09 17:58:37

pls dont flame for this mentioning Christmas in May. I know I know I know. but I didnt start it ! So, last Christmas we had planned to all (DH's family including SIL and BIL and my family including DB and SIL) spend Christmas together at my place. At the last minute my MIL (V nice lady, really get on well, she just sometimes prone to sudden random and odd decisions) decides she wants her christmas dinner at home. so SIL and BIL spend it at MIL place and we spend it at home with my family. Now SIL and BIL have announced their pregnancy so it will be the first Christmas this year with their new baby. They dont want to travel. Fair enough. They have aksed both sets of their parents to spend christmas with them in their small house (not in enough room for anyone else) with them. PIL dont mention to us just agree to it. that is kind of fine as SIL and BIL have fitted in a bit with us with our dds etc and this year it is their turn to enjoy ome limelight with their little one etc. but then MIL sends a text to say they will be spending boxing day (1.5 hour drive away) there too so not sure when they will see us. This is v v vhard for my dds who adore them and for DH who didnt see them last Christmas Day and now it looks like wont get to see them this CHristmas Day or Boxing day. We cant believe PIL didnt at least ask if we minded not seeing them on christmas day and think they should have point blank said no to boxing day to come and see us and our dds. DH doesnt want to say anything. I want to say something primarily for the sake of my dds whom i dont want to feel totally pushed out now that a new baby has arrived. not cross with SIL but am with MIL. WWYD?

TheArmadillo Thu 21-May-09 18:00:26

can they come round on christmas eve instead?

nowwearefour Thu 21-May-09 18:06:08

now that is a good idea! yes they probably can. thank you. doenst stop me being annoyed though that they are putting us so far down their list....

ChippyMinton Thu 21-May-09 19:02:50

Look at the calendar - Christmas spans a weekend this year (Xmas day on Friday, Boxing Day on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday), so there's plenty of time for everyone to see each other.

nowwearefour Thu 21-May-09 19:30:48

thanks wonderful suggestions aplenty....

passmethegin Fri 22-May-09 14:37:15

Putting you so far down their list? What, second? And you yourself said it's their turn to enjoy the limelight.
Get over it.

nowwearefour Fri 22-May-09 20:47:46

that is a nice way of putting things passme. thanks for that.

stinky Wed 17-Jun-09 14:37:45

Why don't you invite them Xmas Eve and to stay the night. Then they can see your DC's xmas morning and leave after breakfast for lunch with SIL and BIL?

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