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wwyd if... Your child was placed in a class with a very poor teacher

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oneoffnamechange Wed 13-May-09 18:25:34

Have name changed as I don’t know if there is anyone linked to the school on here. (Don’t want to offend anyone)
Back to the WWYD:

What would you do if…
Your child was placed in a class with a very poor teacher. E.g. lacked knowledge on the class, child development, how to support children’s individual needs, was clueless in many areas and thought a child with dyspraxia was ‘naughty’ and needed to go to a ‘special school’.
(P.S. The Head thinks the teacher is wonderful so no use complaining to her (mainly due to the lesson that the head taught was nothing like the class usually has!!)
P.P.S. This is not feedback from a child, I witnessed this myself when I was on placement with her <Shudder>

Miyazaki Wed 13-May-09 19:59:09

it would depend on what year the child was in?

Move schools. Its what I did with my DD.

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