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New kitchen or new bathroom?

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hadenough Sun 27-May-18 12:17:05

We've just moved into a new house, and it's total squalor. We obviously knew when we moved in what it was like but honestly...

Anyway, we ended up paying more than we wanted, and now only have enough money for either a new kitchen, or a new bathroom.

I refuse to enter the kitchen, because it is so disgusting. It's also falling apart, so even if I was brave enough to go in there with 6 bottles of bleach and disinfectant, I'd probably be crushed when the units collapsed on top of me. As a result, we're eating out/buying pre-prepared salads etc etc, which is obviously a big expense (and I've gained a couple of pounds in the process)

The bathroom is also vile - it's pink, and must be at least 30 years old. The shower barely works and although I have cleaned it, there's loads of rust everywhere, the wood around the sink unit it falling apart etc etc.

Anyway, I think the kitchen has to be the priority, DP is not convinced.


FanSpamTastic Sun 27-May-18 12:26:15

Kitchen first! Then save up and do bathroom later.

EmmaC78 Sun 27-May-18 12:30:22

I am in a similar situation And decided on the kitchen first. Really want a new bathroom soon though!

OneWouldHopeSo Sun 27-May-18 12:36:18

Has to be kitchen first.

llangennith Sun 27-May-18 12:39:11

Kitchen first. No question!

JuneBalloon Sun 27-May-18 12:50:43

We were in the same position a few years ago - definitely kitchen first BUT what about getting the kitchen on the 'never-never' and doing the bathroom at the same time? (Or vice versa). We did that but paid it all off before the interest kicked in. Kitchens are more expensive than bathrooms but there are always deals to be had, especially if you find a local builder to install and he buys it trade for you.

hadenough Sun 27-May-18 17:12:17

Glad the consensus is to go with the kitchen, as I had been pushing for it as the better option.

We're using a local builder, and will buy the stuff at trade prices, so should keep the costs down. We did think about getting a small loan to fund the bathroom too, but are still undecided as to whether or not it's a good idea.

Maelstrop Sun 27-May-18 21:33:30

Kitchen given you can’t bear to go in there! It’s the heart of the home. Lovely bathroom is a huge luxury, but not essential for the day to day living.

FanSpamTastic Sun 27-May-18 23:02:13

Have a look at eBay for second hand kitchen units? Rather than paying out for new? You can get some really good quality units when people change kitchens. If you already have a kitchen fitter you can then just pay for new work surface and appliances.

Then you might be able to have both?

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