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New colleague has turned me into an impatient cow

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ROTFLBSST Thu 08-Feb-18 18:20:00

Looking for advice on how to change my mindset in regards to a new colleague, have NC as I've told a few friends some of these things.

Background I'm the only specialist for a particular discipline in my office (think electrical engineer with others being civil engineers). Due to increased projects I requested they hire a new electrical person to supervise two new specific projects as I was already looking after six of a similar size. Work agreed great. They didn't involve me in recruitment which is fine but was told they'd found someone they wanted to employ could I sit down with them for technical chat, no worries. They tell me five mins before they arrive I'm to actually hold a full interview with them! They've got significant experience in the field so technically are fine (actually have twice as much as I do), however I raise during feedback that during the interview they struggled with English so reports may be an issue. The interviewee said writing in English wasn't an issue, work hired them.
Since joining on 01-Feb the following has been said/done:
- May I call you daughter?
- Sent pictures of their family to me on what's app.
- Asked where is my assistant? My reply you don't have one...I've been doing your projects on top of my own so you don't need one. Their reply...but I'm very slow at reports. I say allow enough time to write them then.
- Dire emails to contractors and colleagues, misspelt and disjointed
- I need my own office (everyone shares either two or four to a room on-site)
- Asked me to set up meeting invites for them
- Can't operate excel or outlook without guidance
- Asked admin assistants to write MoM for them
- At 12 said they wouldn't be returning to site as their car had broken down the previous day
- I reassured them it would take time to get everything under their belt and understood, I really hope so but I'll be speaking to you every day yes?

Colleagues who know me said they've never seen me act/look like this in all the years they've worked with me. I'm normally a very patient person and happy to explain but with them it's like an instant fuse is lit and I can't help but be short. Sorry this is so long and thank you for reading this far, any advice on this would be appreciated!!!

fuzzywuzzy Thu 08-Feb-18 18:25:39

Speak to HR, your manager whoever is in charge that this person is unable to manage the workload/unable to do a part of their work ie the report writing. And leave it with them.

Dozer Thu 08-Feb-18 18:28:59

Assume you’re not her manager? Share this list with management and ask them to manager her!

ROTFLBSST Thu 08-Feb-18 18:41:09

Thanks both, no I'm not his manager but I am responsible for feeding back a lot of the information that he'll now be producing. We don't have HR as such here and his direct line manager is yet to be appointed, I could raise it with project director but I suspect I would be blamed as I held his interview.

redexpat Thu 08-Feb-18 19:12:06

I dont really understand how you could be blamed for his lack of english when you raised it and he assured you it was fine, and the decision wasnt yours in the end was it? Presumably the application was ok. I think he doesnt understand the purpose of an interview - he is supposed to check if the company is right for him too. He should have asked if there would be an assistant and what his physical workplace would be like. But what to do with the situation now. Are there any courses he can go on? Really good proofreading software that can be bought? But again who would you take it to? Is there a handbook anywhere with any guidance?

Dozer Fri 09-Feb-18 09:01:33

Inform the project director then, explain all these concerns and ask for him to be overseen closely pending appointment of his line manage, because of the risk (if not overseen) on negative impact on the project and reputation with the client.

You didn’t select him, you met him after he had been selected and mentioned your concerns then.

Even if you HAD selected him it’d still be better to be upfront about the problems and go from there.

Seems likely he’ll be fired - that’s what I’d do if I were the project director.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Fri 09-Feb-18 16:04:15

You need to have more of a teflon attitude (nothing sticks to you) and keep shoving everything off upwards to the project manager or whoever. So anything that the colleague demands/requests, for instance having an office or assistant, you tell him is not up to you/not your decision to make, he should ask someone else. All the low level incompetence like not using the meeting system/outlook/excel suggest to the project manager that extra training should be arranged as it's not a cost-effective use of your time to keep doing that for him. Deciding not to go onto site because of car trouble, tell him not to tell you as you are not his manager he should inform project manager instead. Don't EXPECT to be blamed that he was employed in the first place, if anyone does say anything point out that you raised concerns at the time.

billybagpuss Fri 09-Feb-18 16:15:30

Ok the first 2 on the list are a bit weird (make that very weird)

But as for the rest, is he maybe dyslexic? My DD is still at college but does struggle with distractions so will find an office environment challenging.

Having said that, bloody rude the way he's handled it.

B3myvalentine Sat 10-Feb-18 14:10:23

Is the new person who has been recruited on a probation period ? I have worked with a few similar people, that are technically brilliant, but incompetent with simple tasks and their communication skills are lacking. If you provide them with constant help, they will never learn to do the task themselves. It looks like your company should have employed someone with 'all round skills' , rather than a CV loaded with technical qualifications. They should work late, if they need to produce their own reports. Try to make it clear what you are available to help with. If you show them something suggest they make notes, so you don't have to repeat the training. I sympathize with you !

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