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DD15 trouble with friends

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silverhawkser Thu 08-Feb-18 17:43:33

DD15 is having trouble with friends.

We are in US. DD15 has a boyfriend(Since last september). Her bf has no other friends. When they started dating she told me she doesn't want to be clingy to him.

Skip to December and she is spending every waking moment with him and talking to him. Her group of friends always do a Christmas get together. She refused to go unless bf could go. She then spent whole night with him and ignoring others. ( I was told this by more than one of her friends)

Since then her friends won't invite her to do things. They won't talk to her.

She has asked my advice. When I ask her what she thinks is wrong I get answers ranging from they all just hate me to i didn't do anything.

What can I tell Her? How do I tell her that I think they don't want to be around because she only thinks of herself and what she wants? I have seen messages (She showed them to me when they texted once) where they tell her they are mad and why (her attitude is why). No where did they say they hated her but were just mad.

I'm sorry this is confusing. I am trying not to drip feed, but think I am missing much info so if you have questions please ask.

Sixcatsandcounting Thu 08-Feb-18 18:58:40

She’s 15 and obviously infatuated with her boyfriend (quite normal - at that age having a boyfriend seems like the best thing in the world). Maybe try and get her to see sense - boyfriends come and go but friends are forever. She is jeopardising all her friendships because of a boy. Tell her you are not against her spending time with her boyfriend but you feel she needs to make time with her friends (without bf there) or she will end up with none - definitely seems she’s headed that way.

Tell her you don’t want to interfere (I was an extremely stroppy 15 year old myself and would have accused my mum of this) but you are worried she is neglecting her friendships and it isn’t fair because her friends were around before her bf. hopefully she will see sense but if she doesn’t all you can do is be there if it all goes wrong and hope that her friends will forgive her

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