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Parking outside house

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FlowerPowerBecky Wed 07-Feb-18 09:29:39

Hello smile

Me and my partner and 3 month old baby live in an area that have parking spaces outside the house, though each house doesn't have a set space in the deeds.

Now we don't mind where we park even with the baby, we aren't fussy about parking straight outside our house but two neighbours next to us really are so fussy!

To start with one house puts his bin in the space directly outside his house so no one can park there when he goes out!

One day he didn't do this so we parked there, what's the problem? We were in our partners car and my car was in the space by our house. So this neighbour then desides to park behind my car blocking me in! Just because he didn't get "his" space.

My partner then asked him politely to not block our car in to which he stated he would stop parking there when we stop parking in his space!

Now this week the neighbours next to us have gotten used to one particular space and because we again parked there because it was free they obviously had words with the first neighbour moved his bin for "his" space (Bear in mind he was parked next to this space but still had the blooming bin in the original space!)

We then went out and when we came back they had both moved their cars to "their" spaces..

I find it blooming ridiculous and petty and just wonder if there is anything we can do to get them to realise NO ONE OWNS A PARTICULAR SPACE! And that they should stop being so pathetic... talking obviously doesn't work as they just square up to us...

Sorry for long post, thank you in advance! smile

Ifailed Wed 07-Feb-18 09:32:24

The simple to solution to this, and most parking threads, is to ban parking on public roads. I can't think of any other situation where it is deemed acceptable for people to store their property on public land, so why is it allowed for vehicles?

FlowerPowerBecky Wed 07-Feb-18 10:57:59

Oh I completely agree with parking on the roads not being the best idea but in our situation it's not on road parking, it's bay parking areas in a cul de sac smile

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