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confused12345578 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:29:07

Bit of background.
I went back to work full time after (doing condensed hours to get two afternoons off) we had DD 7 years ago.
Six months in I realised I was missing out so much on DD growing up that I quit work for 12 months.
OH works for himself so after 12 months we realised he could do with an hand with paper work etc so I've worked part time since then for him.
Two years ago he had a client go into administration on him and so had to let the sales person go and my hours were reduced.
He's tried to grow the business but times are difficult and cashflow is causing a problem and so its been a hard two years. The business could probably grow if I continue to help but what I would take from the business during the next 12 months would be a lot less than I could earn returning to my career.
Ideally the best solution would be me finding a part time job in my field then supporting OH around this however there aren't many part time jobs accessible around school hours.
Would I be being unsupportive going for full time work knowing this will mean OH can't get his business back to where it was three years ago?
I want to support him but if things don't improve for whatever reason over the next 6/12 months then its a further year of "wasted time" probably wrong words but I'm over 40 now, haven't studied for 6 years and so will be up against younger people who are studying when applying for jobs.
When thinking about returning to full time work I feel really bad about DD needing to go to before and after school every day. I know other children do this but I can't help feeling guilty.
Any help/advise welcome.
Thank you.

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