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Episiotomy Surgery before Christmas? Help!

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Misstomrs Sun 03-Dec-17 12:41:20

Hi everyone,
I’ve posted before so I’ll try and keep this brief. Basically, after a lot of mistakes on the hospital’s part I have finally been offered a date for my episiotomy revision. It’s in two weeks with a different consultant to the one I have been seeing for the last 18 months. Because there were a lot of mistakes made by the hospital when my son was born I have a lot of trust issues with the Hopsital and wanted the female consultant I have been seeing to do the revision surgery. The Reg who made a mess of it was a chap and as it’s being done under local with gas and air I have reservations about having a man do it anyway because I’m worried I’ll freak out, not helped by it not being the consultant I have come to trust. It’s also crap timing as I know literally nothing about the procedure (another hopsital mess up) so no idea what the recovery time will be. It’ll be tough getting help with my LO before Christmas and no family are staying until between Christmas and new year.
BUT, my DS is nearly 18 months (that’s how disorganised this hospital are...) my husband and I can’t have sex because of the episiotomy and I have been pushing them to get this sorted.
So, now I don’t know whether to just crack on and get it done, hoping for the best with the other consultant, or to say no and wait until the new year with my preferred consultant.
Any suggestions or guidance on recovery time?
Thank you!

Misstomrs Sun 03-Dec-17 16:05:40


butterfly56 Sun 03-Dec-17 17:10:43

I would wait until New Year for your preferred Consultant for all the reasons you have mentioned. flowers
I would enjoy your Christmas as recovery cannot be guaranteed within days of this procedure.
This hospital should be making sure that you are taken care of by the Consultant from start to finish given the circumstances. flowers

Misstomrs Sun 03-Dec-17 22:13:02

Thanks @Butterfly56. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and thank you for the flowers. I think you’re right, just tired of waiting.

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