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Annoying neighbours

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TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:33:04

We've been living in our home for 2 months now and absolutely love it. It's so quiet apart from at night between 10 and 11. There is one house across the road. Both of them are home all day everyday. They have two children, one around 3ish and the other looks to be 12ish. They have people visiting constantly and have their windows blacked out permanently - which makes me slightly suspicious about what they do in the house. Anyway, without fail everynight one of them goes out between 10 and 11. They fully slam their car doors as loud as they possibly can, have the music turned up in the car and more often than not take the kids with them-regardless of the day of the week-we can here the kids messing around. Over the last week it's getting slightly more annoying. He pulls up outside the house - within the normal time frame - and beeps his horn to let her know he's home and then she comes and unlocks the front door from him. We have a young child and another on the way so the last thing we want is them being woken up. While I appreciate 10-11 isn't late for some people, it is for my little boy who is in bed by 7. My husband tonight became quite pissed off and I had to stop him going out there to confront him. From what I gather from another neighbour, these people drove away the previous owners of my house so I don't want to get into any agro with them and I'm worried they will make life 100% worse. I feel so annoyed because I absolutely love living here. We can't just afford to sell up and I wouldn't do that over this but it is becoming frustrating. Aibu to stop my husband confronting them? WWYD?

CremeFresh Sat 02-Dec-17 22:38:34

With the constant trail of visitors and blacked out windows do you suspect them of dealing drugs at all? If so you could maybe report them to Crimestoppers - it's anonymous .

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