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Mummystruggles96 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:35:17

I'm really struggling. I've found out that I'm pregnant. No idea how far due to been on the contraceptive pill and my periods been few and far between. I've already been to the doctors and asked to be referred to the abortion clinic. I already have a 1 year old who I love with all my heart but I have found it extremely hard being a mummy. I had an incredibly difficult pregnancy, from the day I found out. I was in hospital due to cysts on my ovaries and a suspected ectopic pregnancy. I spent 5 days in hospital. During that time I found out I had a bicornate uterus (my womb is heart shaped and almost split into two) I was told because of the severity of it I may miscarry, have a child born with various problems and if I didn't miscarry I would only be able to carry until 24 weeks. So after finding out all this I choose to keep my baby and hope for the best. She went against all odd and was born 5 days late and was the healthiest most beautiful little thing I'd ever seen. Also thougout my pregnancy I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum which made me sick anywhere from 10-30 times a day. I only weighed 8 and a half stone but due to the sickness went down to 6 and a half stone during pregnancy. I spend countless times in and out of hospital due to dehydration and was on complete bed rest. I suffer from anxiety and depression and have recently started taking meds to help control it. Now I'm pregnant again and I cannot cope with it I took precautions and was on contraception this was not supposed to happen. I'm so against abortion but I know that keeping this baby could ruin me. I'm scared I will not cope and sscared that I'd let my first daughter down as a result as not coping. But the thought of an abortion also kills me I don't think I'll cope mentally either way. I'm so scared and frightened. I don't know what I want from this post but I've had to just write soemthing to get all this thinking out there and hopefully feel like I'm not alone.

6demandingchildren Sat 02-Dec-17 11:10:20

What a awful position you are in, I have no advice but only you know your own mind and body, personally I would have the abortion due to taking precautions against pregnancy and the age of your daughter and this would be easier the earlier the pregnancy.
I wish you well and whatever your choice it will be the right one xx

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