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To call RSPCA or not?

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MrsPringles Wed 29-Nov-17 08:28:18

Have recently stared a new job on an industrial estate and next to the building I work in is a travellers site, it’s static homes and caravans so seems to be permanent (sorry I don’t mean to offend but can’t think how else to word that part)

They have various horses, cats and tiny tiny kittens and dogs.
All left outside, the horses are separate in 3 grubby bits of land, no grass, one seems to have hay and the other two get fed loaves of white bread, they just chuck in about 10 loaves and leave them to it (I’ve seen this happen)
The kittens run in the road by the lorries and frankly it’s just dangerous for all involved.

Is there anywhere I can report this too? Would the RSPCA care? I just feel so sad for these poor cold horses being fed bread

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 29-Nov-17 08:31:22

Ime they would care and would probably take a note of details and log your call, but they are so so underresourced and would not be able to do anything, at this point. If you'd seen them harming the animals like beating or arranging fights then they'd treat that differently. But ime they just don't attend calls like this sad

Missonihoni Wed 29-Nov-17 08:33:38

I would call and log it anyway as someone else might whiteness something else and your call could help.

crazycatgal Wed 29-Nov-17 08:40:12

Call the RSPCA and then at least you know you've done the right thing.

BillyDaveysDaughter Wed 29-Nov-17 08:41:01

I can see why you're concerned, but don't be too quick to write off their care of their animals - travellers usually keep dogs and horses very well. Ok, they may not live in the lap of luxury like yours and my animals might, their lives will be a little more basic, but they are usually fit and well.

That said, whilst horses can eat bread and they like it, it shouldn't be their staple diet obviously. Can you be sure that they are not getting hard feed at some point during the day - are there any buckets strewn around, or could they be removed once empty? Do they have fresh clean plentiful water? Is there a corner or end of their field that you can't see?

As for the kittens running around near the road - well, no I agree that's not ideal is it. You might get further talking to the animal warden from your local authority though, than the RSPCA? They are likely to have received reports already.

MrsPringles Wed 29-Nov-17 09:05:10

Ok so this is the one that has hay? Admittedly quite a lot.
The water barrel was empty with loads of manky leaves in the bottom.

Am I being dramatic or is this not ideal?

BillyDaveysDaughter Wed 29-Nov-17 09:09:35

The horse doesn't look underweight and has plenty of hay - but if it has no access to fresh water, no you are not being over dramatic at all.

I think that's worth a call - rspca might attend if there is no water and no evidence that it is refreshed regularly, but it could take a while. I would be tempted to call the council and start with the animal warden, that might be quicker.

PigPigDogDog Wed 29-Nov-17 09:21:55

Horse is a fat cob and has tonnes of hay, doesn't need anything else. If no water that's a different story.

AmeliaFlashtart Sun 03-Dec-17 11:28:59

British horse welfare society are good, that piebald look ok to me though

Northernmum12 Sun 03-Dec-17 16:22:55

If they have access to water and food RSPCA won’t bother coming out

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