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Living in different countries?

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Emeralda1993 Wed 08-Nov-17 13:53:45

Hi all,

Hoping for some advice or insight.

I am 25 and live in London with by boyfriend of 3 years. I moved to London 3 years ago also and met him here. I am originally from Ireland and imagine that one day I will wish to move home, when I have a family of my own.

I am extremely close to my family and can’t imagine not being a drive away from them when I have my own kids. While my boyfriend has a good relationship with his family too, it is not quite the same as the bond that I have with my own.

My boyfriend has a really good job here and while I know he would still earn a good living, I am not sure he would get the same kind of salary back home. On top of this, he has been honest in telling me that if I decided to pack up my bags one day and needed to move home, he can’t be 100% sure he would be ready to go too, nor can he put a date on if and when he might be ready (which I understand – I moved to London of my own free will – moving to Dublin was never his dream).

I have been considering the possibilities lately and wondered about owning a place in Dublin and one in London at a later stage. Perhaps I would live in Dublin and he would work Monday-Thursday in London and spend the other days in Dublin. I know that perhaps this would not be practical long-term but maybe it would be a good way of giving us both what we need for a while, when the time comes and easing my boyfriend in to a more full-time move to Dublin. I have discussed this with him and he agrees that short-term it may be a good option so as not to have to completely uproot everything and move straight to a country where he only has my friends and none of his own yet.

For the time being I am more than happy in London and I myself am not ready to move home but I wanted to see what you ladies think – do any of you spend time away from your partner during the week and reunite at the weekends? If so, do you have kids too and how do you find it as a family? I know it can be done, it was just never my first choice of how I thought I would do things but I am coming to learn that life doesn’t always pan out as expected and when you love someone you will do whatever you can to make it work and ensure you are both happy and fulfilled.

Thanks in advance!

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