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Complaint wording help please

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MarklahMarklah Mon 06-Nov-17 12:00:59

Can a kind poster or two please help me word this complaint which I want to send to a restaurant?

In short, my DD was part of a party group who ate there on the weekend. I didn't attend the party - DD was collected & returned home by the host.

Host brought DD home and said that the whole restaurant experience was bad. Not only were the restaurant not ready for their arrival (despite the table for the group having been booked a month in advance and telephoning ahead 1hr before arrival to advise), but something "very strange" happened.
Whilst the food was being brought to the table, apparently one of the waiters mistook my daughter for the birthday girl. He kissed her.
She is six!

Thankfully (what there is to be thankful about) - DD was rather shocked but not upset and laughed. The party host (mother of the actual birthday girl) was at the other end of the table and only saw what happened, rather than being close by.

Whilst nobody was hurt, obviously this is not acceptable.

How do I word it given that I wasn't there? I am not after any sort of refund but I want them to advise their staff that this is not appropriate behaviour.

So far my letter goes ....

^On Saturday afternoon [date & time], my daughter, aged 6 was attending a birthday party at [name of location], with a group of friends. I understand from the party host that there were some issues with orders & timely fulfillment of those, but this is not what I am writing to you about. When the children were seated and food was being brought out, one of the waiting staff (male) assumed that my daughter was the birthday girl. He proceeded to kiss her on the forehead.
Whilst I will concede that this is by no means a serious assault, and that the server was no doubt intending for the birthday child to feel special, this was in no way appropriate.

My child was rather shocked, and thankfully laughed rather than cried, but ......^

I'd like to get this written and sent but words fail me. I just don't know quite what to say. I don't want anyone sacked. I don't want compensation. I want them to train their staff.

Thanks in advance

Migraleve Mon 06-Nov-17 12:06:03

I would phone and ask to speak to management. Then put it in writing further up the chain, with management response included.

If you do send the letter lose all the stuff at the start and focus on the issue you are complaining about. It’s too fussy with unnecessary detail which fills the readers head before they get to the actual complaint.

Lanaorana2 Mon 06-Nov-17 12:16:48

Sentence 1: This is a complaint about staff behaviour, date, time etc.
Sentence 2: Explain, no adjectives.
Sentence 3: Ask them to train their staff and get back to you.

Whilst I will concede that this is by no means a serious assault, = Leave this out. Personal opinions seldom help a case, especially ones like these.

MarklahMarklah Mon 06-Nov-17 13:04:29

Thankyou both. I'll shorten the letter and stick to the point. I'd prefer to put it in writing so that there is a clear trail timestamped. If I don't receive a response then I'll telephone and take it higher.

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