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Two jobs-help me decide

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Pippin8 Mon 30-Oct-17 17:14:01

Current job is NHS. Good wage, 10+ years long service, so good annual leave & I have paid into pension (although 6 years of this I only worked 18 hours). I also only work mon-fri, no weekends nights or bank hols. Problem is the team is awful, I’m becoming deskilled & my role may not be around in another few years.

Job 2 is private sector, very clinical & hands on. You can’t do this role in the nhs. Lots of opportunity to develop new skills & more job satisfaction. The wage is similar, but have to work the odd weekend & bank hol for no extra. Also annual leave & pension not as good & I forgot to ask if there is a yearly increment.


MissConductUS Mon 30-Oct-17 18:00:47

I'd jump. Developing the new skills will make your employment more secure and better paying in the long run. And it's always better to leave when you're still employed and not wait until they toss you under the gurney.

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