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Health scare

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MummaL24 Sun 29-Oct-17 13:45:17

Maybe I am over thinking this but it’s impossible not to and I wondered if anyone may of had a similar experience

I ended up in hospital last week with a suspected stroke, numbness on the side of my head and part of my face
Slight speech weakness although this didn’t last longer then 30 minutes
A large amount of pressure in the back left hand side of my head.
I phoned my gp as these pressure head aches have been around for a while about 6+months I can only describe it as pressure inside my head it comes on strong and goes off at times
Once they discovered it was not a stroke (which I didn’t think it was) a doctor came out to speak with me about my CT scan and said they’ve seen a dark shadow on my area I’m feeling pressure in my brain. And has ordered me to have a MRI
I was advised to stay in hospital as I would be seen quicker but they had no beds I waited in a&e 22 hours with my head which felt like I had a brick inside it weighing it down I got a taxi home and returned the following morning when I returned I was given all the test etc again and told I needed to see a neurologist and have an MRI same as the days before. He explained the bed situation has not changed and I would wait a day or two in an a&e chair to be seen or I could leave and be treated as an out patient he said it would take a few days longer as an out patient this was Thursday.
I called the hospital Monday to check if a referral had been made however it hasn’t and my notes was still in the same place as when I left on Thursdays a doctor said he would get onto that day. I got a call yesterday (Saturday) to say I have my MRI booked in Wednesday morning. I asked about the neurologist however she just made scan appointments and couldn’t advise me further I’m absolutely crapping myself anxiety is through the roof not knowing what this is on my brain and the complete unhelpful ness of the hospital isn’t helping as I have no idea who is dealing with my health.
Has any had an shadows and it turn to be nothing ? As reading google which I know I shouldn’t of done has put the fear of god into me like I am about to die from serious health. 😞 driving myself crazy and can’t concentrate or do what I should be doing any one been through anything like this? Please share


ConsiderIt Sun 29-Oct-17 13:55:56

They should have sent something to your GP, and even if they haven't your electronic health record should show some clues as to recent A&E admission and referral to neurologist. I would expect you to receive an appointment to discuss the MRI results with a neurologist. If the results are normal this may take a very long time, but as you've found out the wheels of the nhs often turn slowly and you sometimes have to chase then.

I would probably go back to A&E to ask the. Who they referred you to, and then call he secretary to ask when they'll likely see you. If A&E can't answer it and if your GP hasn't received notification yet, I'd call the hospital PALS to get them to sort it out for you.

Sorry you're going through this and hope you're ok.

ConsiderIt Sun 29-Oct-17 13:57:03

If the MRI shows something needing immediate attention they wouldn't dare let you go home the same day. Or at least would contact you asap, depending on what it is.

MummaL24 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:35:40

I have had a ct scan done in a&e which is how they discovered this lump, they wanted to admit me to get seen urgently but had no beds and after two days of sitting on a chair in a&e I physically couldn’t do it any longer plus I have three small children who was being passed to family friends to juggle while I was in there

So this was on the 19th Oct today 01.11 I had my MRI scan which I have to say I didn’t enjoy at all,

I spoke to the out patient desk who said they also was unable to see who referred me on the health check only that I had seen a doctor in a&e and what was seen and done the referral to mri was done however the neurology I don’t know of yet so I questioned who would get my results we tried to call the doctor who I saw his office line secutary is on annual leave till 14th November

I think because it was done from the hospital and not through a doctor I’ve been forgotten about I will call gp tomorrow and see if there is anything they can help with it’s a scary thought knowing something is wrong but not knowing what it is

twohandstwokids Thu 02-Nov-17 11:45:17

Either those Drs are really crap or it’s not urgent and so isn’t being pushed up to the top of the line. Remember you wait because they are prioritizing more urgent people before you. Good luck. It must be a terrible worry. flowers

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