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not sure what to do

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charletteboymum Thu 26-Oct-17 14:01:31

Hi bit of background me and ex are going through court fora child arrangements order baby lives with me dad has supervised contact 2 times a week supervised by his mum who he is living with. Social are doing a report on there views if the contact arrangements.
So ex mum let me know last week that they are cancelling all contact as ex has gone somewhere to 'set up a job' whatever that means .. so I let social worker know she said keep her updated and she will try to contact him to see what his plans are for the future regarding contact and i updated my solicitor that contact has been stopped untill /if I hear from them again.
So I see a mutaul acquaintance while I'm out and they ask how things are going woth ex I say oh everythingsfine he's out of town at the mo . They say no he's not he's hiding out because people are looking for him because he stole loads of stuff ...
So my question is is this something I should tell social ? I don't want to seem like I'm passing on gossip or creating trouble but I don't want contact to happen if baby would be in danger while hes with his dad by being in that situation if he asked for contact to continue ...

Guardsman18 Thu 26-Oct-17 14:29:33

If you honestly believe that him having contact would be detrimental to your child, the yes, I would tell them.

charletteboymum Thu 26-Oct-17 14:54:33

Yeah Thank you for replying I'm going to call social worker in the morning but I'll tell her it is gossip but I would be very concerned for contact to continue if he does get in touch to do so..

Guardsman18 Fri 27-Oct-17 18:53:33

Everything ok?

charletteboymum Thu 02-Nov-17 12:11:12

Yeah I told the social worker she said she's been in touch with ex and thats not the impression she got he is away for work so I said okay I wasn't sure if it was something I should bring up with it being gossip really she said no it is something she should be told but again its not the impression she got.
So feel kind of silly now but oh well ...

letsdolunch321 Thu 02-Nov-17 12:15:04

Hi there, it is better to be safe than sorry in letting the social worker know.

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