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Would you call the police?

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MsGameandWatching Wed 25-Oct-17 12:26:07

Ds - 14, has autism, has a friend who has been coming round the house for about a year - same age. He was round at the weekend. Yesterday DS told me that three items had gone from his room, each item worth around £10 each. He told me he he was worried this boy had taken them. As his room is a disaster area I told him to search as I wouldn’t be accusing this boy till I knew for sure. He searched adamant they’re not there. So I went to the boys home. I was very firm and asked for the items back. He returned two of them saying he had lost the others. I told him I wanted the item or the value of the item back the following day. On arrival at home ds told me that further to these three items he now thinks that other items he thought he had lost have gone and he thinks the boy took them too. He told me that he didn’t want to believe it and was too scared to confront the boy - important to remember that he is autistic at this point. I made him right everything down, there were 15 items, that he’d saved up Christmas and birthday and pocket money for over the last two years -collectors items. The value of what this boy took now stands at £204.00. I am raging and devestated for ds. I returned to the boys home and told the adult in the home what had happened, they had a slight go at the boy and said his Mum is out of the country you’ll have to wait till she’s back and then shut the door in my face. I think she just thought it was a few cheap toys.

So what would you do? I’ve written all the items down with how much was paid, I have proof as they were almost all purchased off EBay. I’m going to take this list to the home and leave it there for the mother to see just how bad it is. But I am so angry and sad for ds who is just gutted by it all. I saw the boy this morning and he just walked past without a word or making eye contact. I have had that boy in my home repeatedly for two years, cooked meals for him, given them money to go to shop, ordered pizza and this is what he does.

Would you now call the police or give him Mum a chance that step up, even though I have no idea when she will be back?

MsGameandWatching Wed 25-Oct-17 12:26:52

write not right!

RNBrie Wed 25-Oct-17 12:37:51

Do you have any way of contacting the mum (or dad?) If you have an email address I would send her an email and state that you need to have heard back from her by x date or you'd have to contact the police.

And then yes, I would probably call the police.

Your OP is very calm and clear which is commendable! I really feel for your son.

Smartiepants79 Wed 25-Oct-17 12:43:06

I would let Mum have a chance to fix this and then maybe see what the police say.
Your main problem might be that there may be no way of proving you are correct.
It looks highly likely that this boy has stolen this stuff but unless he still has it you will struggle to prove it.
Can your son give dates as to when it was taken?

MsGameandWatching Wed 25-Oct-17 12:52:58

Thanks for replying. No, no way to get hold of her, I don’t know her very well, just to say hello in passing. I’m gutted to be honest, couldn’t sleep for thinking about it last night. My big concern that theI’ll refuse to pay him back. We live really close to them as well so no avoiding them.

MsGameandWatching Wed 25-Oct-17 12:53:38

I took two of the items back off him yesterday, he had them there in his home.

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