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Things went to far

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Jamforbrains Sun 22-Oct-17 23:16:21

Please don't bash me. My XH came round to see our son. Because DS was ill XH stayed at our house. DS said he wanted a lay down and I took him upstairs. Not a problem XH and I have been getting on better and sat chatting. I hurt my foot several months ago and keep getting cramp like spasms which are really quite painful. I got one today and XH took my foot and massaged it which really did help ease it. He moved up my leg but I didn't stop him. As he got higher I leant over and kissed him. We ended up having sex while our DS slept. I cannot get pregnant so that is not a worry. I am happy as I am and don't want him back. We have got on so much better since he left. I just don't want him to think we have a chance at reconciliation. WWYD.

MissConductUS Sun 22-Oct-17 23:45:18

I would tell him that it was a one off and that you're not interested in a full blown or purely sexual relationship with him.

Jamforbrains Thu 26-Oct-17 09:48:50

smile thanks

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