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Should my teen read Generation Z?

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tripleshot Sun 22-Oct-17 15:13:30


I’m halfway through Chloe Combi’s book Generation Z and it’s incredibly insightful. If you haven’t read it, Combi interviewed every type of teenager she could find from all around the UK and has put their responses to issues such as family, sex, education, race, gender etc in a book. Well worth a read.

My question to anyone who has read it is would you, or have you, given a copy to your teenager to read? It’s enlightening and educational and also sometimes horrifying! I’m sure my daughter would be more inclined to listen to another teenager than me about some issues!

I’d welcome your thoughts!

MrsOverTheRoad Mon 23-Oct-17 04:06:41

Well how old is she? I personally don't police my teenager's books. Mine weren't policed.

I had full access to all the (many) books in our house and I read them all.

Everything from Dickens to Stephen King...I started on Stephen King at 11 and never looked back.

I'm fine.

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