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Can't turn off or turn down radiators

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Rugratwrangler Sun 22-Oct-17 13:22:18

I live in a 100 year old, give or take a couple of years, building, where everything is just basically ancient. I've been here almost 3 years, and I've never been able to turn off or turn down the radiators. I've got no control over the heating, I don't even pay for it it. Nobody does here. It hasn't been too bad until the boiler got serviced and fixed (it's a central boiler, it serves the two flat blocks). Since then the heat got "turned up" as some flats weren't actually getting any heat to their radiators. A letter also went out that if people wish to change their radiators to ones that can be turned up/down/on/off, then it's up to the home owner. However, because of how old the buildings are and the state of the boiler, we'd have to use contractors supplied by the property managing company. They also need notice as to change radiators they'd have to switch off water and heating and nobody would have anything until the work is done.

So now it is so hot in my flat that it's worse than summer. Currently it is 28c, and I have all windows wide open. My living room is also very huge, so it's impressive it's so hot in here. The radiators are scalding to touch. I haven't slept much in the past week because it's been too hot. I can't always have the windows open as I have a 4 year old and live on the top floor. I'm also worried my DS is going to burn himself on the radiators. My DS, bless him, usually just sucks it up and gets on with it, but even he has been saying today he's too hot. He's been in just pants today aswell.

I rent the flat, and what I want to know is, should my landlord be required to change the radiators? DP says it's not worth bothering with, and I kind of agree, because at the end of the day we have working radiators that give off heat. We've got hot running water, and we have windows that we can open (flimsy windows that I was paranoid was going to fly off the hinges when the storm passed through yesterday). So I highly doubt that anything would be done. But We're all really struggling to cope with the heat

PurpleWithRed Sun 22-Oct-17 13:27:12

Tricky one. Does your landlord know how stupidly hot the flat gets?

Rugratwrangler Sun 22-Oct-17 13:36:49

We've only had this landlord a couple of months, he is aware of the problems in the flat, including no control over heating. It's never been this hot before, and until the letter that arrived, nobody was really sure who was responsible for the radiators. We've already had to have a window fixed because a pigeon flew into it and broke a pane, they're old fashioned windows so were difficult to fix. We have a broken latch on the bathroom window and landlord has been informed it needs replacing. And we've had our oven pack it in and needed to be replaced. Which caused a ton more problems because of how old these buildings are. I know it shouldn't matter what problems we've had, and that the landlord should be responsible to get things fixed/changed that need doing, but I'm very doubtful that he will even look at the radiators because we've already had so many issues.

I should add, issues like the broken windows were existing before he bought the flat, the previous landlord was useless and when the window broke, she ignored it and decided to sell up instead. She also didn't make it known that there were issues. The landlord didn't view the flat, he just bid on it

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