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Mobile phone 'addiction'

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mum2boys86 Sat 21-Oct-17 23:29:42

I literally feel like I married a mobile phone.
I'm not sure I remember what my husbands face looks like as it's always got his mobile phone in front of it!

I'll try to speak to him and he will completely blank me as he's too busy reading whatever it is he's got on the screen. Sometimes I have to prompt him 2-3 times for a response then he'll say he didn't hear me or complain later coz 'I didn't remind him to do something' when really he didn't listen when I did!

It's so bad that even our 2 year old regularly tries to get his attention and gets ignored and he's left our newborn to cry coz he's so 'busy' on it. It's painfully sad to see 😢

He's not a teenager, we are mid 30's... but he acts like he's a kid with a new toy!

bloobree Sun 22-Oct-17 11:46:31

Unfortunately is seems to be common in this day and age.

Only last week I was visiting my parents as was my sister and her little girl who live away. My DM was so occupied with her phone and uploading pictures (which she insists on taking every single second of every single day) she didn't notice my niece, who was sat on her knee, put a rubber wrist band in her mouth. She's only two and my DP had to tell my mother so she could take it out. It frightens me, as we don't have children yet, but when the time comes my Mum would be helping us out alot when we both go back to work. My DP loves my Mum to bits but was rightly questioning whether we should now.

Don't get me wrong my Mum brought up 4 of us and did a fab job but back then there was no such thing as Facebook!

Sad really sad but it's why I've often deactivated my account and left my phone for days. I don't wanna be another addict!!

strawberrysodasmiles Sun 22-Oct-17 12:08:12

I had this problem not so long ago and now everyday after work etc we (DH and I) do 3 hours "no phones" in the evening.
They both still stay on "loud", just in case of emergencies but it really goes to show just how much you can get sucked into technology and social media and miss out on all the simple things in life!
Maybe suggest a similar thing...start off with an hour and eventually it'll naturally build up out of choice that you don't use your phones!

mum2boys86 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:01:32

I love the idea of doing an hour a night of no phone time and then increasing it. I'm definite going to suggest that to OH! Thanks

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