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Grumpy nnd shout over the fence

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waitingfortheendtocome Thu 19-Oct-17 18:04:33

Really finding it hard to ignore him! My dog barks once and he shouts "shut up" kids play 10 mins football and he'll shout "you're fuckin not gonna be doing that" he's not out in the garden very much, so this is a rare occasion but not nice for us to deal with! He has been known to shout out the top floor window tooconfused Help needed WWYD and witty one liners ??

Justbookedasummmerholiday Sat 04-Nov-17 15:55:39

Just wave at him!!.

AnnieanoniMouse Sat 04-Nov-17 16:03:01

Depends if he's scary or not 😖😊

If he's not, I'd tell him to mind his language around children & to mind his own business re the kids playing in THEIR backgarden and to stop yelling at them & your dog. If he carried on I'd tell him I'd be calling the police if he keeps frightening the children.

If he's scary, I'd go straight for calling out local police station. Thankfully we still live somewhere that they'll take that kind if thing seriously & when they get a minute they'll go around & tell him to stop making a nuisence of himself.

If you have an OH that's built like a brick outhouse - make the most of it!

waitingfortheendtocome Fri 08-Dec-17 12:07:14

Nope he's not scary, thick a two short planks! My other half big and scary that he is isn't going to get involved!!!

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