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Nursery/child minder or at home with me?

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boysarebackintown2 Thu 19-Oct-17 17:47:46

I work two days a week in one part time job and 3 days a week from home as a sole trader.
Mum kindly looks after my dc2 and does the school pick up for dc1 when I work away.

2 out of the 3 days I work from home I mainly do all my work load in the evenings when Dh is home from work so are days are free for playgroups and days out etc. One of the days (same one each week) is very busy and we are pretty much guaranteed not to leave the house all day.
It's been like this since he was born as I only took 4 days off from my business and the reason I started up was to be home with the kids more.
Up until recently I've not been too worried about him being home all day but as he gets older it's harder to keep him entertained.
I'm considering nursery or a child minder on this day but it's not cheap, £250 for childminder and £310 for the local nursery per month. I don't make tons of money so we will notice it but if it's beneficial for him we can try and make the sacrifice.
Pay out for child care or carry on as we are and save the cash?

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