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Do I love my husband or not?

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bendtheknee Sun 15-Oct-17 21:06:50

Been married just over a year now, I don’t know whether I’m finally ‘settling’ into married life now the excitement of being newlyweds has worn off.

But for a little while now, Ive felt like I’m no longer in love with DH. I think I was caught up in the proposal and wedding excitement and now I’m not sure. He’s done things to hurt the relationship (lied about money and certain friendships) which means I’ve started to resent him a little.

I find myself getting annoyed at everything he does, if he takes a little long in doing something I find myself getting irrationally angry and I’m not even sure why.

I’ve been very upset and conflicted with all these feelings recently and told DH about it. How I feel like I’m living this double life, one where I don’t like him and one where we get along. He got very emotional and basically begged me not leave him.

I’m not sure what to do. DH is a nice guy, one of the best, I’m just not sure I love him. He says his life will be ruined if I leave him. And I feel so so guilty. Could this just be us settling in to married life? Or could it actually be that I don’t love him anymore?

I’m so conflicted, so messed up about it in my head and I feel like I can’t vocalise it or tell anyone in real life as that would be making it actually real that I’m contemplating divorce after just one year.

bendtheknee Mon 16-Oct-17 00:51:11


PhDPepper Mon 16-Oct-17 01:28:00

Might be worth starting a new thread in relationships?

I really feel for you. Does his previous behaviour mean that you cannot be with him anymore? Maybe try counselling. Lying is a very horrible trait in a person and it’s quite insidious in its nature

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