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Cleaner didn't lock front door

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shivs1974 Sun 15-Oct-17 08:12:04

Used a cleaning agency for a number of years & have been reasonably satisfied with them. DD2 came home from school on Thursday to find the front door closed but unlocked.
Contacted the owner who apologised and said that she'd understand if we wanted to leave.
I have no option, do I?

AfunaMbatata Sun 15-Oct-17 08:16:53

Why leave? Mistakes happen.

Believeitornot Sun 15-Oct-17 08:17:28

You have plenty of options.

Also doesn't your door lock automatically?

PurpleDaisies Sun 15-Oct-17 08:18:24

I wouldn't leave after one mistake like that. Dh forgot to lock the door last week and I've done it myself. If it keeps happening then I'd find someone else.

MiniTheMinx Sun 15-Oct-17 08:18:40

Of course you have a choice. Leave or don't. If you have only had this problem once over a long while, it could be a one off. If you change cleaners or had used a different agency over that time, who knows it could have happened or might happen many times. Rather than having an entirely emotional over reaction, try logic and probability.

Failing that, all cleaners make tea, just leave a reminder by kettle or tape a sign to inside of the door.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sun 15-Oct-17 08:19:37

One mistaking a number of years of good service is ok by me.

SandyDenny Sun 15-Oct-17 08:20:20

Of course you have a choice, is she a good cleaner, are you otherwise happy with her? She's going to be triple checking the door from now on so probably a better bet than a new one.

I've gone out without locking the door more than once and I'm sure other people have as well, everyone makes mistakes.

But it's entirely up to what you're comfortable with

shivs1974 Sun 15-Oct-17 08:20:43

Yes, mistakes happen, i understand that. However if I had been burgled because of their error, I wouldn't have been insured. I asked her to clarify the situation with her insurance company and they weren't able to confirm the situation either.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sun 15-Oct-17 08:21:30

Have you never made a mistake at work Op?

SandyDenny Sun 15-Oct-17 08:21:59

I knew someone would ask why you have a door that needs to be manually locked, only took a two posts grin

LoniceraJaponica Sun 15-Oct-17 08:22:42

Believeit not all front doors have yale style locks. Ours doesn't. You have to lock it to make it secure.

Believeitornot Sun 15-Oct-17 08:23:08

What's wrong with asking?

I find it strange! Simply because I used to live in London and would want a door that had an automatic latch on it to cover me when I would forget to lock it grin

Ijustlovefood Sun 15-Oct-17 08:25:25

Don't go through an agency. Ask around, find a local cleaner who works for herself/himself. Be cheaper too.

yikesanotherbooboo Sun 15-Oct-17 08:25:38

It was a mistake . Is the new cleaner less likely to make a mistake?
I would let this go as a one-off .

PurpleDaisies Sun 15-Oct-17 08:25:50

You weren't burgled. It's annoying but nothing bad actually happened. Speaking to the insurance company seems way over the top.

It sounds like you want people to tell you to leave. If you want to, that's totally up to you and you don't need the approval of anyone else.

RefuseTheLies Sun 15-Oct-17 08:27:52

Why so dramatic? She forgot to lock your door, she didn't shit in your kettle.

HidingBehindTheWallpaper Sun 15-Oct-17 08:27:55

What does living in London have to do with it? Is that the only place that has burglary or door locks?

Lots of people have doors that you can only lock with a key.

shivs1974 Sun 15-Oct-17 08:29:03

Interesting responses, thank you.
Yes, of course I've made a mistake at work. Who hasn't? However over the years with this agency there have been a number of mistakes made which I've always let go.
This, in my opinion, is much more serious than just missing or not doing something like some dusting.

shivs1974 Sun 15-Oct-17 08:30:49

To clarify I didn't speak to my insurance company. I asked the owner to clarify the situation and she didn't know the answer so called her insurance company.

cheeseandcrackers Sun 15-Oct-17 08:31:18

I would think that having forgotten once ( & presumably been reprimanded for it), they would be much less likely to make the same mistake again than a new person..

shivs1974 Sun 15-Oct-17 08:32:31

Thank you for comments. Interesting to have other people's views on it.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 15-Oct-17 08:34:09

not all front doors have yale style locks. Ours doesn't. You have to lock it to make it secure

Just wanted to point out that a Yale lock isn't secure at all and that's why insurers insist on a second lock as it's so easy to get in with just a Yale,it can be opened with a screwdriver and no damage to the door.

OP- this would make me very twitchy tbh,it's pretty serious.

Austentatious Sun 15-Oct-17 08:40:06

The massive uplift you pay to an agency is because of their insurance. It's their staff's negligence in failing to lock the door which makes the cleaning company responsible; whether or not they are insured for any losses that you claim against them is not your problem, they are still liable. That's what I'd point out to them, adn require that they train their staff correctly in future to avoid the need arising for you to make an expensive claim against them which they may not be able to recover from their insurers.

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 15-Oct-17 08:41:03

I'd ask your insurance company if you were still covered if you did keep them on. And yes "mistakes" happen but saying haven't you made a mistake at your job too makes no sense. Forgetting to lock a door is a dangerous mistake. Your child could have walked in on a burglar.

Bekabeech Sun 15-Oct-17 08:43:35

BTW mt front door has a Banham style lock - far more secure than Yale, but it automatically closes when pulled to like a yale.

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